That Guy's A Pokemaniac

Yep. As you may be able to tell we're pretty gay for pokemon and we don't feel the need to put the accent over the e either. The games have been going for 10 years or so now but for those who truly want to catch 'em all there is a heap load of effort involved. The question I'm asking today is IS IT TOO MUCH?

For example if you wanted to get all of the pokemon from the start here is what you have to do:

Buy Pokemon Blue/Red/Yellow (£30 at the time)
And Gameboy (£100 originally)
Play the games and trade with 'friends' (Probably 150 hours to get them all)
Buy Silver/Gold (£30)
And Gameboy colour (£90)
Play the game and trade between friends or yourself to complete the dex (200 hours including legendary efforts to get the legendary dogs)
Buy Pokemon Stadium 2 to get pokemon unavailable and to facilitate self trading (£120 N64, Pokemon Stadium for GBA Adaptor £40, Pokemon Stadium 2 £40, Extra N64 pad £30, spare GBA adapter £15)
Buy GBA in preparation for the new generation of pokemon and find out that all your previous efforts were completely wasted because you have to start again (£100)
Buy Pokemon Sapphire/Ruby £30
Play Pokemon Sapphire to complete your Hoenn dex (250+ hours in total after below:)
Buy Pokemon Channel to get Jirachi (£40 Game, £100 Gamecube, £15 GBA adaptor+ 10 or so hours without too much time changing cheatyness)
Buy Pokemon Fire Red which is essentially the same as Pokemon Red/Yellow/Blue but ever so slightly updated with a few annoying new areas (£30)
Play Pokemon Fire Red, including such joys as catching all the legendary birds and Mewteo and the legendary dogs AGAIN and transfer all the pokemon between Sapphire/Ruby to get complete pokedex(200 hours)
Buy Pokemon Colosseum and complete it and then purify all the Shadow Pokemon and then fight 100 battles in a row to get a handful of the second gen pokemon unavailable elsewhere and Ho-oh otherwise unavailable (50 hours, £40)
Buy Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness and complete the game and then do ridiculous amounts of training/waiting/purifying just to get Lugia (£40, 60 hours)
Buy a Nintendo DS for the newest generation of Pokemon (£100)
Buy Pokemon Ranger and complete it and then enter the special password to do a bunch of other missions to get an Egg to send to Diamond and Pearl for 2 extra pokemon, Manaphy and Phione (£30 and 30 hours)
Buy Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and play it through to be able to get all your pokemon from the GBA games 6 per GBA game per day. Then do ridiculous things like talk to people via wifi 32 times to get Spiritomb etc.(£30+200 hours)
Contemplate travelling to a Toys'R'Us in London on the weekend of the 25th-26th of August to get a Mew for the first time in 10 years and 5 games (£20 travel, 3 hours plenty of shame)
I'm not even going to mention Battle Revolution and the cost of a Wii to get the chance to see your hard earned pokemon in glorious non HD 3D.
Say a big thanks to Nintendo for not giving us Europeans not much of a/no chance to get Pokemon like Celebi or Deoxys (Using an Action Replay or other such device is so cheaty and so pointless that I'm not even going to start) and probably little to no chance of ever getting a new generation of 'Nintendo Event' pokemon such as Dakrai, Arceus and Shaymin (20 seconds with extended ranting)

So what is the final score to Catch them all?
Well it's going to cost you about £1080 (not including money for a WiFi connection in order to trade) and it's going to take you roughly 1143 hours and 20 seconds plus there's going to be plenty of shame and you're still going to be 5 pokemon short (Deoxys, Celebi, Arceus, Shaymin, Dakrai)of a full pokedex. Which, I think is worse than playing WoW with various Alts to get to level 70 soon to be 80.

Why do we do it?


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