The "They" complex

Who are “They”?

“They” are the driving force and motivation for all games:

“They” are the elite of the 1337.
“They” are some times referred to as “Them”.
“They” can challenge you at any point.
“They” have a complex understanding of all game mechanics.
“They” have 1000 gamer points in every game, before it has been released.
“They” probably take part in competitions and win.
“They” play PC FPS titles and are good at them.
“They” are able to juggle their gaming and social life perfectly.
“They” have beat Jordan of Expert.
“They” have a higher score on Garibaldi.
“They” write the FAQs even though the game has not been released
“They” were EV training since Gold/Silver.
“They” are what we all aspire to be.
“They” are the metaphorical carrot on a stick, on any game which has high score, or online competitive mode.
“They” are our inspiration to delve further into the game.
“They” stimulate us to stop button mashing, and start timing the button presses correctly.
“They” are the ones that encourage us to kill Ruby and Emerald weapon even though you can kill Sephiroth in a few hits.
“They” are the ones that set limits, such as killing the second Tyrant in under 2 hours.
“They” are the most efficient grinders on the planet.

What’s the point? Why am I training this team? In case “They” challenge me? Let me ask you this:

Why do you beat DMC on Dante must die mode?
Why do you beat your scores on Guitar hero, even though you have 100% on expert?
Why do you spend endless hours to change the colour of your trainer card?
Why do you seek to get 100% rating on San Andreas?

Why? In case “They” ever see your records?

Stupid “They”.


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