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Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep

Wow a proper review. Makes for a change huh? We were huge fans of the first game and although it didn't set the world on fire sales-wise it has a dedicated following. The second game is an improvement on the first in every way. The first game was a very relaxed adventure, leaving the player with relative freedom to explore the fictional region of Manauri, discovering various oceanic animals, photographing them and guiding visitors around the ocean. There was a very loose story driving the game but fittingly, the game was endless. You could (and we did) just keep playing forever with the goal of collecting all the species information and salvaging treasure. Each species has three bits of information, unlocked by finding an animal and then tickling, feeding or drawing for it. However, some of the creatures were a bit too crytpic and very hard to find once let alone three times (our playtime is up to well over 100 hours and there are still four species we've yet to see). Salva

Cunzy11, thatguys part ways

After nearly 2 years of news, reviews, awkward ramblings, Pokemon fanficcery and Vaginal/games development, Cunzy11 editorial director's tenure ends; TGAM editors address controversy surrounding his departure. The past week marked the end of an era at TGAM. After several years working his way up through the ranks, Cunzy11 tenure as co-writer has ended. "Cunzy11 was a central figure in the creation and evolution of TGAM, having written hundreds of incoherent ramblings, and occasionally sorting out the links bar," said Richie, Co-writer of TGAM. "The award-winning writing team he leaves behind wish him nothing but good luck in his future endeavours. Homophobe." Due to legal constraints and the company policy of TGAM, details of Cunzy's departure cannot be disclosed publicly. However, contrary to widespread and unproven reports, his exit was not a result of pressure from a certain developer who may (or may not) have been happy with the tone of one (or mor

The "They" complex

Who are “They”? “They” are the driving force and motivation for all games: “They” are the elite of the 1337. “They” are some times referred to as “Them”. “They” can challenge you at any point. “They” have a complex understanding of all game mechanics. “They” have 1000 gamer points in every game, before it has been released. “They” probably take part in competitions and win. “They” play PC FPS titles and are good at them. “They” are able to juggle their gaming and social life perfectly. “They” have beat Jordan of Expert. “They” have a higher score on Garibaldi. “They” write the FAQs even though the game has not been released “They” were EV training since Gold/Silver. “They” are what we all aspire to be. “They” are the metaphorical carrot on a stick, on any game which has high score, or online competitive mode. “They” are our inspiration to delve further into the game. “They” stimulate us to stop button mashing, and start timing the button presses correctly. “They” are the ones that en