Soooo Lucky- Dino Masters

I was this close (makes a "very close" hand gesture) to buying this game the other day. DS, Dinosaurs?. Gamespot gave it 2.4 out of ten terrible.
But it looks so good!

I mean look at it! It's got everything, maybe. Hang on Aralosaurus? It's a bit of an obscure dinosaur but...oooh one of those crabs from sonic and a Mario ? block. I wonder what rearity means? I don't know but it's got one star for rearity, that might be good. It's even got foram impressions in the rock like real stratigraphic sequenes. They are a bit big though. I wonder what 165 and 41.9% mean. Sorry, gamespot I might have to get this anyway.
UPDATE More disbelievers! Something is up though. Anonymous gave it a whopping 10! and a "excellent game i would recomend it to everybody." It's a conspiracy! I want Dinosauria goodness!


  1. Anonymous11:05

    Dude, don't do it, you know what happened with RTX Red Rock, got bad review all over, but it looked so good...

  2. Anonymous20:42

    Word up Gee! (sorry been hanging with the homies in Woolwich too long, oh dear, I'm going to get stabbed if this gets read)Just thought I would tell you (gloat) that on September 5th the lovely people at Gamestation have to send someone along to a PS3 workshop and I'm that sorry S.O.B. Hopefully this will be getting to know just what Phony has put in its George Foreman look-i-like and what the amazing line of launch titles will be. I will report the findings to That guys straight away, I also get paid for doing it. Penny Racers got a bad review but we all know who bought that.

  3. Anonymous14:57

    Did i read that right this game is a two player PRG!? Count me in,


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