That Gamestation Ad What's On T'idiot Box

Have you seen it? Have you seen it? Basically, there are two guys; one is playing a FPS, I don't know which one, on their setee (fuck you couch). The guy who isn't playing is eating toast, or something, and making fake guns noises which pisses the gaming guy off, for some reason. Then there's a voiceover that says "annoyed that you are constantly reminded that you could have bought your games cheaper?", which doesn't make sense but I didn't hear the commentry guy properly. Then the first gamer guy is in a room with another guy playing a driving game, I don't know which one, and the first guy is making driving noises and the new guy shouts "Shut up", or something, and it's an advert for Gamestation.

Ok, so it isn't that great and I've only seen it once, but for the first time in my life, it's an advert that depicts guy gamers in their "stereotypical environment". We don't get many game adverts in the UK on telly. If we do they are cringeworthy (see below). Adverts that make you hang your head in shame and exclaim "It's not like that, it's not like that". Hell, even some of the better GMVs would make better adverts than the ones that maarketing depaartments pump out.
Unfortunately, this advert comes at a time where in the high games media (EDGE and ummmm...) and the ever influencial games blogosphere it is out of favor to be a)Male, b)A gamer c)Straight, d)White. In the eyes of contemporary digital 'cultcha', this advert scores 0/4. Too little, too late Gamestation!!! But I love you anyway.

Normally a game advert is either:

6 seconds of FMV with lots of flashing. The box of the game then spins onto the screen which flashes again and the American exciting movie voiceover man says "Ingamestoresnowonlynineninetyninenineninetynine". There are normally at least twelve explosions and two American kids going "Allllllright!" with their mouths open.
Sony's adverts (apart from the original) are nearly always a stillborn baby humping a dirty needle or something else that gets "League of Extraordinary Mothers for Justice against all things Different" to mobilise. I did like the golfers and the ventriloquist ones though.
Nintendo adverts tend to be a bit naff. Par exemple, the current "DS sponsors channel 4 comedy" ones and the animal crossing ones.
Microsoft don't advertise, they don't want anyone to play their consoles or PCs because then they'd have to, like release some more games, and Halo3 isn't ready yet.

Check out this excellent site for some of the terrible, weird and sometimes ok videogame ads from around the world!


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