That Guy's A Maniac- Women Gamers Magazine?

Fed up of the male-centric glut of gaming magazines featuring scantily clad women draped over the hood of an Xbox 360, That Guy's are launching a girl gaming magazine to cater for women who play video games and are proud of it. The first edition of the magazine, called Pads (working title), should be out Q4 this year. Here is a sneak preview of one of our articles:

Are you and your non-gaming boyfriend compatible?

Answer the following questions noting your answer then add up the points to find out if you and your non-gaming boyfriend/girlfriend are compatible:

1) You settle in for an evenings session on Burnout (your "clan" came over at the weekend and busted some of your top scores) and your boyfriend unexpectedly comes home early from working a late shift. You offer to turn the Playstation off, but he says he doesn't mind, he's tired anyway. Does he then:
a. Sit with you asking questions about the game
b. Sit down for five minutes huffing and puffing before anouncing he is going to bed
c. Asks if it's hard to control and then if you can both play co-op

2) You like to hang around in gaming tees and jeans most days. After a while your boyfriend suggests it would be nice if you wore a skirt or dress occasionally. Do you:
a. Tell him that this is the zero's and point out that you do have such wear for formal occassions and special evenings, hinting that just because you've reached the comfort zone of your relationship it would still be nice to be taken out for a date every now and then.
b. Go mad! Some of the things he leaves the house wearing are crimes against fashion. You haven't told him because you reckoned it would be a bit insensitive and insulting. Is this yet another dig at your gaming lifestyle?
c. You take it as a compliment, realising that some of your skirts have got dust on them through underuse. You start wearing skirts more and get plenty more compliments from him!

3) The first time you go out with his friends, you are naturally a bit nervous. Over drinks you find out that one of his best friends is also a gamer. You spend a large chunk of the evening discussing which Final Fantasy is the best with his friend. Does he:
a. Humiliate you and his friend by "harmlessly" implying that playing computer games is for stoners and children.
b. Mention when you get home that he thinks its' cool that the stress one can be under when meeting your partner's best friends, was relieved somewhat by you having something in common with his friend.
c. Make nothing of it and carries on having a good time with his mates and you.

4) Its late on a Friday night and you've both had a busy day. He says that he is "tired" and makes suggestive remarks before going off to bed. You are feeling exhausted and a bit dirty and not in the mood for nookie. Do you:
a. Put Beyond Good and Evil on, but before you realise it's 4 in the morning. You go to bed feeling bad that you could of at least snuggled up in bed and had a decent night's sleep.
b. Explain that you're just not in the mood really, you stay up for half an hour playin BG&E then go to bed and snuggle up to him in a nice warm bed!
c. Realise that you don't have to go to work tomorrow so you hop into the shower and have a lovely evening under the sheets. You realise that having "quality time" together has recently become increasingly rarer and you both resolve to spend more time with each other at the weekends.

5) He catches you playing Nintendogs on your DS lite and after making a humurous quip he seems to be quite interested. Do you:
a. Get him to have a go showing off the bubble blower and the touchscreen. God bless Nintendo! for making games that are instantly accessible for the non-gaming inclined.
b. Mention than it's a lot cleaner and cheaper than a real dog, so count himself lucky!
c. Go into a lengthy tirade about how gaming has brilliant potential citing special projects in Second Life, the use of games in education and the military and how Advent Children is really important in getting computer games in to the minds of the masses.

6) One of the few games he will play without too much coersion by yourself is Eyetoy Play. However, you have arranged for a gaming night in with some gaming friends. When you mention it to him does he:
a. Join in and insist on being on your team. Its great that he isn't threatened or embarassed to take part.
b. Suddenly remembered he had organised to go out that weekend for a ummm stag do, even though you can't recollect him mentioning it before.
c. Stay around but refuse to join in even when everyone else is making a tit out of themselves.

7) Your ex-boyfriend turns up to copy all of his save games from your memory cards to his. The split was amicable but it still feels a bit akward. He suggests one last match on Soul Caliber 3. Your boyfriend walks in whilst you are both laughing about some of the games sessions you used to have. Your boyfriend:
a. Takes it well, but is understandably suprised. After your ex leaves he asks you a few questions but nothing too probing or insulting.
b. Seems pleased to meet your ex and can clearly see that you are friends and nothing more. He just counts himself lucky that you are the one with him and even suggests inviting your ex out for drinks in the future. You politley decline of course, but it's a nice gesture.
c. Is mean to your ex and accuses you of scheming and implies infidelity. He's clearly jealous that you and your ex have something in common that you and him do not. You have a bit of a bust up and it seems to be a sticking point for a number of months afterwards.

8) He finds out about your guild marriage on WoW. You explain what a guild marriage is and that it doesn't neccessarily imply cyber sex, its more about giving the guild a family atmosphere. He is still visibly upset. You then both:
a. Have a blazing barney. You point out that his insuations show exactly how much he trusts you and that at worst its no more than harmless flirting. He says that you shouldn't need to flirt and then that you spend too much time on WoW anyway.....
b. You don't want to risk your relationship for a game so you inform your guild husband that its perhaps for the best if you "split up". You'll still be in the guild and you'll still talk but you won't be married anymore.
c. You show him exactly what happens, the chat logs and your guild home page. He still doesn't seem 100% convinced but he has come round somewhat.

9) You meet his ex-girlfriend at a mutual friends' party. Whilst you are standing around chatting his best friend, who you got on well with (see Q3), turns up and comes over to talk to you about Tomb Raider Legend, within earshot of your boyfriends' ex. Do you:
a. Quickly whisk your friend into the other room and apologise but you are feeling kind of vulnerable in the presence of his ex. You then exchange thoughts on Lara's latest venture.
b. Blank him as much as you can, whilst rolling your eyes and shrugging. You don't want your boyfriends ex to have some leverage over you.
c. Engage with him thanking the heavens that the abomination that was Angel of Darkness has been successfully avenged. You get enough stick for being a women gamer anyway without alienating people who accept that its' part of who you are anyway.

10) Your boyfriend is sat in front of the TV, channel surfing and lamenting on how shite television is, he mentions that he might go out. You polite ask if you can play Halo 2, in that case, but he refuses. This annoys you because you quite happily yield up the glorious big screen for cricket/football matches. Do you:
a. Mentally store this information for the next time the cricket is on TV and start playing final fantasy VII about an hour or so beforehand. It'll probably start an argument but if would help him to see the inherent injustice in the system.
b. Nevermind its not that big a deal you've got your DS anyway.
c. Make a stand, you can't have one rule for one and another rule for another!

1 a=1 b=0 c=2, 2 a=2 b=0 c=1, 3 a=0 b=2 c=1, 4 a=0 b=1 c=3, 5 a=2 b=1 c=0, 6 a=2 b=0 c=1 7 a=1 b=2 c=0, 8 a=0 b=2 c=1, 9 a=1 b=0 c=2, 10 a=2 b=1 c=0

How did you do?
0-7 points Might be an issue. You understand that you both have different things you like to do but you seem unwilling to give up some of your game time. You can't play as much as those heady days down the arcades and on the megadrive but he could be a bit more sympathetic to you as well, leaving out derogatory comments when tempers are frayed. The relationship isn't doomed but unless both people in the relationship start making concessions your gaming may start to come up in every argument you have.

8-14 points Nice Job! In most instances your gaming hobby doesn't stand in the way of you both getting the most out of your relationship. You understand that he just doesn't get what draws you into these virtual worlds but that he is happy to accomodate just as you are to his interests.

15-20 points Max compatability! Both of you realise and enjoy your differences, whilst not being adverse to joining in each others hobbies. He seems to acknowledge that gaming is a part of your life and you acknowledge that when your life flashes before your eyes you want more than just images of Final Fantasy menu screens and FMV.


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    I got 21, what do i do?

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