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Hey y'all! As we are told by Microsoft that gaming is a lifestyle and not just sitting on your ass all day pretending you are a woman charged with the grand task of saving the universe by collecting rings/coins/pearls/gems or whatever. As such, I like to spend my non-gaming time talking about gaming, writing about gaming, listening to game theme tunes on my ipod with Dante stickers on it, reading about games or playing "house" with Vincent Valentine and Aeris (not Aerith) action figures. When I'm not doing that, I download GMVs, formerly lumped with AMVs until evanescence and the Naruto guys sued AMVs for over use of their IP. There are some monumentally shit ones out there, but here are some of my favourites. Why I am I reviewing them If I've already stated they are my favourites? Because I hate some of them but that's why I love them.
"I'm An Asshole" - Halo Music Video with Denis Leary
This imaginitively titled GMV is actually very good. The song, which is great in itself, and the visuals from the game go well together both.... um visually and thematically if you know the game at all. Particular highlights are the A-S-S-H-O-L-E spelt in bullet holes, the grenades on the back of friendly NPC's and some nice lip sync work considering the nature of the source material. The lack of fourteen hours of credits thanking zillions of people with very emo sounding names is refreshing.

8 Bit Heroes GMV By Spencer
I like this GMV a lot because it reminds me of when Nintendo was nearly extinct. Some excellent music/visual coordination too, considering that the whole thing has been spliced together using IGN videos
AMV ó GMV Yuna´s Hung Up Hellsing Inc.
This may or may not be credited to the right people but I can't read spanish. This shortish GMV is quite good with some nice transitions matched in the video and music. Also nice, is the fact they have used a 'popular' recent song which the GMV community get very angry about. Especially with the precious FF FMVs. It kind of messes up at the end and I don't know if that was intentional. The wanky "drawn in paint credit" at the end also lets it down a bit.
Everyone in WoW has Aids

Not so much a GMV but a nice tune coupled with some oddly sized screenshots make this "songumentry" tracking the plight of the WoW plague a must see for most.
Gay! Why do I even have this link? Pokemon are for children like 5 years ago it doesn't even have any visuals from the game!
Stirling work Kirbutashi. This GMV does exactly what it says on the tin. This GMV is very powerful and a bit gross. I'm also appreciating the soundtrack of the end credits. If you haven't played Resident Evil 4 then you won't know that Ashley gets the G-virus and dies in the end. The GMVis a bit short though, which isn't really a complaint given the nature of the GMV.
WoW Numa Numa Dance
Fuck off.
I love the Speed Demo Archive guys and gals. They put themselves through so much hardship to pull off amazing virtual feats and inevitably ruin the games for themselves by never wanting to touch them again. They have a really nice community atmosphere as well. A bit of history about this video, the people over at SDA decided to have a go putting together teaser trailers to sum up what they do. This was one of the earlier entries but, to me as an outsider, it is the best. It really captures the atmosphere and mission statement. There were some complaints that many of the sequences used were only from the "popular games" but bollocks to that. Good music, great videos, good coordination of music and video.
I like this video a lot but what impresses me the most is the technical acheivement. To get fucking lip syncing from Super Smash Brothers Melee is an amazing acheivement! The sequences are lovely fitting the lyrics almost perfectly. I can only imagine the man-hours put into this production but fully worth it. The end sequence with all the characters blows my mind I don't even want to think how they did it. Looks like Hero Pictures have a lot of fun playing games together too which means BONUS FRICKIN STARS!
The title of this GMV, sponsored by Game Vidz, shouldn't put you off. I've seen more than my fair share of "L337 Halo videos" and most of them follow the exploits of a camper or two. Impressive gameplay vids and some nice music-vid coordination. Bit long.
Final Fantasy Infinity Joseph M.Orellano
Okay, there are literally millions and millions of these videos. FFX FMV?-Check. FFX-2 When the Yuna and Tidus but not Yuna and Tidus get shot FMV?-Check. Song that emo kids slit each others wrists to at balls and other dancing events?-Check. However, if you only watch this one and ignore the other ones it is quite good I will concede. HOWEVER -ve points for the overly long a bit cheesy credits.
There are some excellent ones out there but they aren't on the instant video sites yet and I'll be fucked if I'm directing people to download various bits and pieces and signing up to filefront or something because I know that if I can't see something right now I'm not going to bother. Your loss AMV makers. I'll try to upload them or something later and review them not that you need to know any of this.
NB Credits may not be given because anyone can put a fucking song over the intro to FFX. Naruto+Other shitty Anime AMVs do not count because they are stupid and YouTube, Google Video and Anime Music Videos are inundated with these inane niche market videos set to Slipknot. Anything with a nu metal soundtrack doesn't count, if the premise of making a GMV isn't sad enough in the first place, using a shitty noisy ""tragic""" soundtrack to boot is worse. Second Life videos don't count either because they are all about Mimes or Wheelchair people flying around, the camera is always jerky, the avatars glitchy and the music is normally Moby slowed down so that 40 year old San Fransiscians can understand the words.


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