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A lot of people regard music in games quite highly. Personally I think that recently Music has gone downhill in games I know for a fact that I’m bored shitless with the WoW music, and the only good track in Oblivion is the opening track. You would think if games like these are willing to fork out for a fully orchestrated score they might as well get a decent fucking composer in!

Now I’m sure we are all well versed with the classic theme tunes that stick in our head Mario, Sonic, Bubble Bobble, oh god Tetris. But what was the last epic score you heard on a game that you loved? That’s right Final fantasy VII, VIII IX and X. All done by a fucking awesome composer Nobuo Uematsu. But of course that’s all changed now FFXII does not have him as the composer. So what I’m pondering is will the game be just as good, does music have a factor with the gaming experience, or is it tacked on to fill the silence.

When it comes to PC gaming thankfully we get the option to mute the sound and run MP3s in the background, and I’m sure we have our own particular playlist we love to play games to. I have fond memories of playing Resi 1 whils listening to Prodigy – Breathe (Breathe the pressure, come play the game I’ll test ya)

Anyways when it comes to Games soundtacks here is my personal favourites:

Silent Hill 1 to 4
Resident Evil (but just the save room music)
Final fantasy (Check out “The black mages” if you can)
Kingdom Hearts (Can’t beat a bit of Disney Pish)

I am also Acquainted with a DJ, KaiserTia, specialising in Game sound tracks who will be DJing at the next Auchinawa in Glasgow. I will post a big ol list of her personal favourites from the Anime/Video game genres.


  1. But what was the last epic score you heard on a game that you loved?

    Back 2 Back-Sonic Rush. FFIX and X had mehhy music. You forgot to mention Halo (but only the opening bit),Star Wars and Jurassic Park but they don't count right? RIGHT?

    Anime soundtracks don't count unless its the sound of Saturday Morning TV burning in hell and Naruto infected kids dying in droves and being piled up and then burnt. Or unless you count Earthworm Jim as anime and exclude all other "anime" in which case anime soundtracks don't just count THEY ROCK!

  2. Anonymous16:43

    I love the way all the comments are between themselves


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