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This weekend I had two longish train journey's and a lot of waiting time so naturally the DS got a lot of love. Desperately trying to complete some of the games 100% for the Big List I ended up completing Sonic Rush with Blaze and Sonic (need to get the Zone 7 Emerald which is fiendishly hard), beating Resident Evil Deadly Silence, again as well as completing a number of Mario Kart DS Grand Prix. What I was stupidly happy about is that each of these games comes up with a message after the credits. Thanks for Playing (MKDS), Thanks for playing Congratulations (SR) and Wow what a tough guy (REDS). Now whether I just haven't been busting a lot of games recently or whether games have stopped saying Thanks for Playing! I don't know but it seems like ages since I've seen that.

In fact if I was to go on EDGE online I would set up a thread on "When did games stop saying Thanks for Playing?". I would then have to post the first response "Fuck off prick" and then become a full time acolyte on some feminist games blog.

"Wow that was a great post today Miss Kitty Melons! Knicker pictures please.
N.B That was an ironic post modern joke really I'm not sexist some of my best friends are women. Oh god I need your attention Miss Kitty! Please respond please respond"

Anyway, more thanks for playing after credits in games please? Also, more games where you can unlock a new menu screen like in Soulblade and Mario Kart DS please?


  1. Anonymous17:44

    Final Fantasy VII's ending should have read "You have finished a quarter of the game, now reload get all the ultimate weapons, beat the battle arena enough times to get Omnislash and W-Summon, get everyone's 4th Limit break oh and theres the small point of breeding a gold chocobo to get Knights of the Round, then getting enough AP for that to be maxxed also Mime needs mastering and Final Attack also, then beat Emerald and Ruby weapon, then you might get a thanks for playing out of us, until then heres what flying through space looks like!"



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