Summer News Round Up

Well it had to end but Autumn is upon us (it rained yesterday), this summer has been unusually rife with exciting news. Normally, summers are long and boring on the games front with dribbling pieces of crap news like another Armoured Core game announced and Nintendo releasing a new edition of one of their consoles. Here's the summer round up:

Leeroy Jenkins Video "fake"
Nintendo Revolution to be renamed
Games are art
Girls play games!
Child-killer once played Ridge Racer
Games make you fat
PS3 launch date brought forwards to three weeks ago
Blizzard bans heterosexuals for inherent un-PCness
Take Two sued for Grand Theft Auto London
WoW expected to "take off" says lesbian programmer who did the letterboxes in Paperboy
Another rubbish "media culture" author spends four years in second life promoting a free version of a very boring book with a shit cover
Tekken 6 looking great
Sega ends the Dreamcast
Half Life 2 disappoints again
RE4 "quite good" says Dom. Diamond

What a summer! Roll on 2007!!!


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