Game developers are Pussies

To highlight the meaningless analysis of video games from people who claim to be gay, feminist, humanist, masculinists, journalists we have compiled a list comparing game developers and producers to female genitalia. It is about as relevant.

The Rockstar vagina would be huge but look a bit grubby if you looked in detail. Also everyone you know has played it

The controls aren't in the book, they are impossible to control and not even the fucking developers know how the fucking thing works. But if you bought the game for £5 you can't complain

Absolutely top quality! But then a bit like vagina you've had before other times.

Ed Federmeyer
They would be simple to play, hard to master and wouldn't smell like a Chinese fish market in the morning in the morning.

The EA vagina would be like a hysterectomy vagina, fun to play but ultimately pointless.

It would be massive, but the gays would have trouble getting in.
(It wouldn’t be a vagina it would be a platform)

Very tight and nice before birth, but vaginal tearing has caused it not to function properly. Recent Plastic surgery has put it back on track.

Namco's vagina would be best played with in a piss smelling "carpet" covered venue somewhere on a pier or seaside.

Fun to play but massive and you'll give up before you complete

Atari used to be a good vagina but due to her years is best playing in conjunction with other vaginas

It would pretend to be really good until you got it home and it broke three times a year.
The labia would be sold separately as well
Every year
Getting subtlety changed

Experienced therefore better

Nintendo is a childish looking vagina hoping to attract young women and older men with its Wii

A French vagina that is weird to look at, with a green tridot clit. Enjoyable to play, but for most people that first step is a chunnel too far.

Keeps coming back for more, even though the last one was the "Final" one. Always makes you cry.

Microsoft having been a penis for a long while thinks it knows about being a vagina but in reality is just played with by immature boys hoping that one day someone will see it for the vagina it is.
(It is so big that many Japanese players are put off)

ID is a what-you-see-is-what-you-get vagina. Good times to be had by all but nothing so much as a goodbye afterwards. Not the thinking players vagina

The people who created Katamari

DISCLAIMER: No vaginas were eaten during the making of this post.


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