Exclusive Interview with the Auchinawa DJ

As promised I have managed to secure us an exclusive interview with the headlining DJ at Auchinawa! Her name is KaiserTia andas it turns out that she is a qualified maniac, because she once bit Cunzy11.

1) Welcome, Stranger. So, boring things first. As a "lady" gamer, where do you stand in the whole girl gamers issue? Do you feel you are stigmatised at all because of your genetic make up and/or your gaming hobby? Or is it simply that you beat Richie most of the time which is why he resorts to sexist remarks.

Pfft. I personally don't want any special treatment just because I'm a girl. Most of the games specifically made for girls are rubbish anyway. Give me a shotgun and some zombies any day! I think any girl that knew how to pick up a controller the right way was seen as a bit of a novelty in the bad old days, but this is something that is inevitably changing. Every year I'm meeting more and more girls that are into games in some way or another, and I certainly don't feel stigmatised by my interest - however, it can be annoying when I talk to geeks that think "Oh my god, it's a girl that's into games - marry me!". Flattering, but a bit tiring after a while.

As for Richie, the difference between him and me is that I can play Project Zero on my own with the lights off, whereas he lets it languish, collecting dust on a shelf until months later another girl borrows it.

2) Favourite games?

Ah, you're using plurals, so I could give you one hell of a list, but I'll be kind! My favourite games (in no particular order):

Super Metroid, Terranigma, Panzer Dragoon Saga, Soul Blade, Space Channel 5 Part 2, Rez, Tenchu, Resident Evil 4, Suikoden, Shadowrun (SNES), Super Bomberman, Wario Ware, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

3) Most hated games?

I generally avoid war sims and crap gangster racers. I've been quite lucky with avoiding a lot of the dross out there, but I will always regret wasting at least 10 hours of my life waiting for Alundra (RPG, PS) to show some signs of being a good game. I think that was the only game I actually physically destroyed, just to prevent anyone else from playing it.

4) Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony?

I'm a SNES-generation gamer (Zelda III being the game that got me into games), so I'll always have a soft spot for Nintendo. You can chuck an extra 5000 polygons at all the new-generation titles, but all the the layers of realistic explosions and fancy shading effects can't disguise bad or generic games. As a developer, Nintendo seem more committed to making games that are fantastical, innovative and interesting. The directions they've gone with the Wii and the DS is admirable, too. Hell, it's probably just good marketing on their part, but yeah, Nintendo all the way.

5) Have you ever cried at a videogame or Pokemon the first movie? We certainly haven't ever, especially not when other people were in the room.

I've never cried at a videogame, but Richie can tell you all about fake allergies.

6) Is it wrong to fancy videogame characters? If not, do you have any virtual crushes?

I'll admit to being impressed with Leon's RPD uniform in Resident Evil 4, mind you, part of that was pure nostalgia for the good old days of RE2.

7) So you are going to be DJ ing at the up-and-coming Auchinawa (30 November - 3rd December), Will you be dressing up for the occasion?

Oh yes, I'm doing the big one this year: Ulala.

8) Ulala Eh? Wow! Are you up to anything after Auchinawa? Can you leave the boots and head phones on?

No, but I know someone who will...

9) What inspired you to become a cosplaying DJ?

It's been my dream since childhood. Seriously, I enjoy playing funky music and I'm a fan of Ulala, so Auchinawa provided the perfect excuse to be a bit girly and do some dressing up.

10) Can you give us a sneak preview of the tracks you'll be laying down at Auchinawa?

There's a lot from the Japanese cheerleading DS game Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! OST, the best track out of that is the one I'm listening to right now: Atsuki Kodou No Hate. Expect a fair bit of Space Channel 5, Hellsing, Jet Set Radio and some overly-cute anime theme tunes that I'm contractually obliged to play. There's talk of the gig being podcast, so I'll keep you up to date.

11) I guess you will have to cater for a lot of tastes, what are your personal favourites?

I've been listening to the Hellsing soundtracks a lot recently - there's hardly a bad track on them. I've also got the Super Bomberman 3 and Saturn Bomberman OSTs that are both brilliant examples of traditional video game music. The Panzer Dragoon OSTs are a bit new-agey ambient, but I enjoy them because they remind me of the games, plus it's interesting to track how the music has evovled with each game. Well, interesting for a music geek like me anyway. On the anime side of things again, the One Piece albums are fantastically bloody awesome, just like the series.

12) I recently did a post on Game music and how it can affect the gaming experience, how integral is Music to the gaming experience

Very! Recent example: while playing Killer 7, and I reached a point where I was in a corridor endlessly shooting a re-spawning enemy. I realised that as pointless as the task was, I was really enjoying it because of the fantastic dance music playing in the background. It just fit in perfectly. I remember being completely engrossed by the Tenchu soundtrack, too it was incredibly atmospheric. Then there's games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil where music is used to unnerve players (how dare they play the Nemesis theme when he's not going to appear!). Space Channel 5 and especially Rez are also prime examples of how well music can work in games.

13) Who's best Richie or Cunzy11?

Best at what? I'm sure you balance each other out somehow...

14) You make your own cosplay costumes. Do you reckon you could knock up a Rebecca Chambers outfit for a very tall, slightly beer bellied guy or a Jill Valentine costume for a waif, Scottish layabout? If so how much for materials and labour? Any tips for other would-be cosplayers?

How about Nemesis instead of Rebecca and Alfred / Alexia instead of Jill? Tips? Just go for whoever you want to dress up as, whatever the reason. Oh, and charity shops are the best place for finding clothes to alter if you're not confident with your dressmaking skills.

15) Plug us at Auchinawa?

Only if anyone asks why Ulala is hanging out with Alexia.


  1. Anonymous20:35

    Alright guys, just finished a sketch of Farley/Claire, will try to send it on wednesday (or 'access to a scanner' day), lemme know if I'm on the right lines...

  2. Anonymous15:14

    Farley? What the hell are you doin lady, way to spoil our 1337 HaXX0r party!

    Although I always figured Richie was a guy...

  3. Richie is a guy! A real man! Masculine Homo Sapiens Sapiens! I have a Y chomosome, a willie AND facial hair!


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