Where are they now?

Every self respecting games blog, at one time or another, runs out of ideas and does a hilarious "where are they now" post featuring a videogame character who was in one or two games but hasn't been seen since. They are often lame and it annoys me that no one can come up with something original these days.

In other news we've managed to catch up with videogame legend the Nemesis who has s.t.a.r-red (pun intended!) in Resident Evil 3, Resident Evil 3 (GC), Under the Skin and on the Silver Screen in Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

Cunzy11: So, you were fantastic as the relentless monster stalker in Resident Evil 3. In mario 64, what do you have to collect to progress into new areas?
Nemesis: S.T.A.R.S
Cunzy11: Absolutely. It must have been interesting for you to hook up with Jill and Carlos again for Under the Skin. I imagine it was a lot of fun! What game show am I describing: Musical talent show in which amateur lookalikes and soundalikes impersonate their favourite musical idols. Presented by Matthew Kelly?
Cunzy11: Need a clue? ______ in their eyes.
Nemesis: S.T.A.R.S!
Cunzy11: Sure was. Many gamers complained that the fight with you in the courtyard after you shot down the rescue heliopter was harder than the final fight. Word associtation, Night Sky?
Nemesis: S.T.A.R.S
Cunzy11: No flies on you sir! In the three (four including the Gmecube remake of RE3) roles you have played you must feel slightly typecast. Name a slang word for LSD?
Nemesis: S.T.A.R.S
Cunzy11: You know your stuff. Many gamers were dissapointed with Resident Evil: Apocalypse for a number of reasons including your role in the film. Any.......
Nemesis: Well that was fuck-up. I had a hand in writing my part, which, is kinda cool and also rare in Hollywood. However, when we came to filming Alex, (Witt) completely changed it. I mean it's an insult to me, an insult to Jill, Brad (Vickers), Carlos and worst of all Capcom. The Nemesis! A fucking, sorry, a bloody good guy at heart! Alex said it was because the G-virus was seen as a metaphor for AIDS and that the Zombies personified AIDS sufferers, my turning into a good guy was to show that AIDS victims aren't monsters. That was horse-shit though, he just wanted a happy ending. Not that it's going to end, I've heard the next one doesn't even have zombies. How come the Licker gets to be bad ass in the first film and then I wimp out in the second one. I did fight for the changes to be scrapped but money was tight at the time, what with my eldest off to college this year. It's one of my biggest regrets and I apologise wholeheartedly to the fans.
Cunzy11: Well said. Thanks for your time Nemesis. You can catch him in an upcoming episode of a popular surreal drama set on a desert island and he is due to takeover from Patrick Swayze in the West End production of Guys and Dolls in November. One last thing Nem, can you say it for us? Just once.
Nemesis: Oh I don't know.......
Cunzy11: Please? I told Richie you would.
Nemesis: Oh okay. S.T.A.R.S!
Cunzy11: Still got it pal, still got it. Thank you, goodbye and goodluck in the future!


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