Cocmputer Games 0 Playing Outdoors 1

I was in WHSmiths in Waterloo Station on Saturday, I won't bother you with why, and I spotted one of the local newspapers with the same headline as the title of this post. Turns out, the newspaper surveyed some of the Thames yoofs and they said they preferred playing outdoors to playing video games.

Firstly, the survey is a bit pointless because, through no fault of their own, children are essentially stupid small adults. I imagine that most children would prefer to spin around in circles until they threw up rather than go to school. I reckon they would also prefer to play videogames than eat vegetables too. For some reason these surveys (I know they are out there) never seem to make the headlines.

Secondly, no fucking shit! I'd prefer to play outdoors if I couldn't play games like Resident Evil 4 or GTA: San Andreas because of the ratings. Also, I'd go further than playing outdoors, if I was stuck with playing shitty multiformat pixar/disney/other CGI film maker tie-ins like Ant-Bully, Sponge Bob: Pants of the Sea Bottom Fart, Ice Age 2 or "Carz". Seriously.

Actually, saying that, I loved Lego Star Wars, Finding Nemo and Hello Kitty Roller Rescue but still. When are marketing companies going to realise that "the kidz" are much better at computer games than retards in suits charged with merchandising a film/fad license. They can handle combinations of 16 different buttons.

So play outside children (don't talk to strangers though), then all the rubbish film tie in "kidz" games will stop getting made, then GAME will be fucked because they don't seem to stock anything else these days, then Nintendo might start getting some Gamecube games back into high street stores, then the world will be a better place again.


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