Soooo Lucky- Dino Masters

I was this close (makes a "very close" hand gesture) to buying this game the other day. DS, Dinosaurs?. Gamespot gave it 2.4 out of ten terrible.

But it looks so good!No, no it looks terrible. That's not what excavation sites look like, where's the dip and strike HUD! I don't see a compass clino!I mean look at it! It's got everything, maybe. Hang on Aralosaurus? It's a bit of an obscure dinosaur but...oooh one of those crabs from sonic and a Mario ? block. I wonder what rearity means? I don't know but it's got one star for rearity, that might be good. It's even got foram impressions in the rock like real stratigraphic sequenes. They are a bit big though. I wonder what 165 and 41.9% mean. Sorry, gamespot I might have to get this anyway.

UPDATE More disbelievers! Something is up though. Anonymous gave it a whopping 10! and a "excellent game i would recomend it to everybody." It's a conspiracy! I want Dinosauria goodness!


Chuff_72 said…
Dude, don't do it, you know what happened with RTX Red Rock, got bad review all over, but it looked so good...
dr wo 69 said…
Word up Gee! (sorry been hanging with the homies in Woolwich too long, oh dear, I'm going to get stabbed if this gets read)Just thought I would tell you (gloat) that on September 5th the lovely people at Gamestation have to send someone along to a PS3 workshop and I'm that sorry S.O.B. Hopefully this will be getting to know just what Phony has put in its George Foreman look-i-like and what the amazing line of launch titles will be. I will report the findings to That guys straight away, I also get paid for doing it. Penny Racers got a bad review but we all know who bought that.
Robisgay said…
Did i read that right this game is a two player PRG!? Count me in,

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