Little King's Story Get!

It only took a year but we have finally added (a new copy BTW!) Little King's Story to the collection. We feel really bad for waiting so so long especially considering the tumultuous time that Cing has had recently.
Only took a yearAs much as we don't want to bang on about internet gaming peoples inane shouting versus real life gamers it does actually take a whole year on longer to purchase a game. We're old enough to have some disposable cash to feed the gaming bunny but finding the time to play them means it can be months of years before we pick up a title. The reason why we had left it so long because it got unanimously high ratings we assumed it would be easy to pick up when we eventually get round to it on our to play list.
However, this title, widely considered to be one of the best for the Wii, isn't available through GAME online, let alone in stores and we saw a copy of it for £8 at the local supermarket* sandwiched between some of the vilest shovelware that many complain about. So we picked it up before its time because you won't see it on the high street much longer.
Little King's Story is a poster boy for the broken games industry and retail where quality doesn't automatically result in success and we can now walk proud having bought our copy (even if it was at a 1/4 of the initial retail price).

*We love to think of the person responsible for deciding which games Morrison's stock in their relatively small game sections being a closet gamer and in a moment of ballsy bravery, ordering a whole bunch of copies of Little King's Story. We also imagine that this person was fired when it didn't sell.


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