Lost Planet 2, following the "Hype" machine

Lost Planet 2 is out soon, and Capcom are trying really hard to make some hype about it.

I have been following it a little bit for a while now, mainly because I saw the trailer with the mighty Sir Om-nom-nom ages ago. I played the Lost Planet Demo and I was ultimately underwhelmed, it played like an inferior Gears of War with grappling ropes. However that doesn't mean LP2 wont add more to the franchise, which ius why  I'm not writing to disparage the game itself. I'm just really disappointed with the hype the game has attempted to generate.

They dropped some merchandise in ice in 8 cities in America.
That's it, not much more to say, some people got them. They now own some merchandise and a beta code for online... 

Now I read a few things about the plot of Lost Planet, and I want to like it, futuristic sci-fi set on a terra-forming ice planet, yet this planet has a mystery... ooooh.

But not may people seem to care, Time for some Thatguys Market research!

I presented certain informed folks i know within the industry with, "What do you know about Lost planet 2?" and got the following responses:

"Wesker is in it, that monster hunter guy is in it, Frank west is in it. It's not just about snow it's now in jungle land and there's a huge creature who looks like Heatran in it. It is co-op online? Maybe split screen? That's it basically."

"not a damn thing apart that its a video game and the sequel to Lost Planet..." (which he never played)

"It's a game where you drive around and shoot/photograph dinosaurs, to the best of my knowledge.  I've always kinda wanted to play it." (I shit you not!)

"3RD person shooter, The ice has melted so presumably they will use their harpoons to investigate tall trees now. I liked the multiplayer on the first. Also there are rumours that players will gain the ability to turn in to a spherical object and wizz around shouting Woohoo WooWoo WooHooHooHoo Weeeee."

The only person that actually cared was the one that thought it was a different game.  

In conclusion I give this game a 2/10 for hype. Capcom, see me after class.

In other news, I recently had a go at the Demo, and well, the game is alright, I want to get excited, the scene with the boats made me thing this game was a Sci-fi version of the Vietnam war. The controls are clunky though this does create a feeling of badassery when you are running about, though not enough to care. Shame.

Lost and Planet,

Richie X. 


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