Brothers to the end: Gears of War 3 April 2011 (Updated)

 Here's what we know so far:
  • New Weapons: Sawed off Double-Barrel Shotgun(awesome damage, slow reload), Pendulum Lancer (kick's like a bitch with a nasty blade for executions)
  • 4 Player Online Campaign Co-op: Player 1 is Marcus, 2 is Dom, 3 Baird, 4 Cole
  • Pulp Fictionesque intertwining plot: Players will command other squad's that merge the plot with Delta.
  • Improved Regional filters for less laggy games: Hallefuckinglujah!
  • Refined Cover system
  • Possible squad command system (Rainbow 6 stylee???)
  • Female characters/Tits: As our anonymous commenter points out, i neglected to mention that Anya makes an appearance in the trailer and will be a playable (presumably online) character. Whether there will be more tits announced later remains to be seen.
  • Released April 2011: FML


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