Resident Evil Afterlife

We're going to break one of our cardinal rules by recognising that Resident Evil Movies exist. Without fail they have all dissapointed (with the exception of does-it-really-count? Resident Evil 4D thing-a-ma-bob).

Anyway, according to Capcom Urethra the producer of yet another dissapointment has the following to say:

"I think if fans look at Resident Evil 5, they will know what is coming and what to expect in the movie"

Does this mean we will see Sienna Guillory with mankey tits? We can only hope so.

Ahh googling Jill Valentine

To get the above tenuous image joke you need to:

1) Be aware that manky was a popular englishism that means gross or disgusting.
2) Have played Resident Evil 5 to the SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERs point where Chris and Nuda pull the gem off of Jill's chest exposing a manky hole in her cleavage.
3) Know that there is a Pokemon called Mankey.

Even armed with the above information, expect no more than a silent inside laugh at best.


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