No More Heroes: The Movie

We twatted this the other day but seeing as we have a spare 8 seconds instead of the spare 2 seconds it's another post! You lucky mugs.
In the Gamerati circles video game culture striving for acceptance by the rest of the world is a popular subject. Many critics are eager to point out that we are already there. Sadly, film is, without warrant, still wholesale held in some higher regard as an art form. Even though most films are genuinely ridiculous or awful. A look at the box office over the last year though indicates that video games influence runs far and wide. Not necessarily for the better either. Non-fans of super heroes, zombies, aliens, werewolves or wizards have had three okayish films to watch in the last twelve months. Enough already. This was compounded on a recent trip to the movies when ever single trailer was either comic book sequel or strangely familiar.

No More Heroes: The Movie

God of War: The Movie*

Heavy Rain**

*Yeah okay, who copied who first.
** The trailer doesn't really show it well but this is a god awful boring film. Really really dull.


  1. Mr. Grim01:32

    Completely agree with the over-use of comic book and game movies, especially with this whole "Twilight" (barf) phenom. Fat goth chicks who don't know the definition of the word "gothic" all over the world are about the only ones able to see anything in a theater lately. But about the "No More Heroes" title on the Scott Pilgrim movie.. Way off man. No More Heroes, in my humble opinion is trash and a waste of time to even write about so I'll get right to it: The Scott Pilgrim series are graphic novels by Bryan Lee O'Malley, a cartoonist here in Canada. They date back at least six years I think. The movie is just based on them, not that japanimation garbage everyone is so keen on comparing it to.

  2. Cheers Mr.Grim but I will reserve judgement for when I have compared every single panel of those comic books with the film.

    Do you know if No More Heroes is inspired at all by those, how do you call them, funny books? Because the action bits from that trailer are pretty much NMH the live action version.


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