Marvel vs Capcom 3 Character List

So who does it include this time?

From the Pics we have seen so far: 

* An oddly uncanny-valley-esque Incredible Hulk.
* A selection of characters from Marvel vs Capcom 2
* And the one everyone is fapping about: Chris Redfield.

Chris was the star* of Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Code Veronica and Resident Evil 5.  Chris is not the first Resident Evil character in the Marvel vs Capcom Series
and well considering the events of Resident Evil 5 you can understand why she may not be around.

Other than that, well we don't actually have a character list, it was just a trap to get google hits.

Though likely to be appearing. yet not announced and not from previous iterations:
Frank West
Sir Om-nom-nom
Bionic Commando
The dude from Dark Void

*If you don't get this pun then get the fuck out, nobody cares about your opinion and you cannot call yourself a Resident Evil fan, end of.

Love and Zangief,

Richie X


  1. When did Ryu start sporting a fro?

  2. Ken, "Hey Ryu! What's with the 'fro?"
    Ryu, "It's a new hair-do-Ken."
    Ken, "Doesn't suit you mate."
    Ryu, "But, it was so I could deliver that "punch" line"
    Ken, "What?"

  3. Is that original material or are you cribbing from funny books again?

  4. I think immersing myself in said literature is having an effect. :(

  5. Dr Wo15:38

    Ironman has been snapped during his best running man. Get down on that Tony.

  6. It's like the fucking NHS in here with all these doctors!


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