Gears 3 announcement on Monday?

Cliff 'don't call me Cliffy B' Blezinski was due on 'Late night with Jimmy Fallon' (yeah we haven't heard of him either) last night to give some details on the latest unannounced offering from Epic Games, however had to cancel at the last minute, instead being replaced by the Canadian Pop singer Justin Bieber (seriously this Jimmy Fallon show is getting more appealing by the second)
According to Cliffy B's Twitter account :
"The truth of the matter is that we wanted to take a couple more days to polish what we're showing, Sorry all, appreciate your patience!"
Will El Cliffster announce Gears of War 3, will it address our previous issues, will they announce some other Epic shooter or as his tweet suggests will he merely expose himself to Jimmy Fallon's audience? (literally dozens!)
All these questions and more will be answered on Monday the 12th April when Cliffarooney is scheduled to appear.

In case you were worried the rumours of Justin Bieber having a GF (OhEmGee!) were false, so 'Bieber Fever' continues..



  1. Anyone else sick with the over exposure of big games these days?

    It hasn't even been officially announced but there's already a whole host of posts out discussing the screenshot which announces that Gears 'might' be out April 2011.

    The hype machine begins here but already I am a little bit apathetic about it, but comparing it to DG's wishlist might keep it interesting.



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