Rock Band Green Day Review

Yeah so the track list was released for this title and we thought we'd do a review.

Outstandingly innovative, the use of the guitar peripherals is revolutionary, never been seen befo........

Ahahahahahaha, sorry I just cant keep a straight blog face... So what do we expect with this new title? 

Well its Rock Band yet again with a Green Day skin. o.0
The track list is... Duh... Green Day. They have a few tracks from Insomniac, Nimrod and Warning and the entire Dookie, American idiot and 21st Century Breakdown (+DLC).

Wait... 21st Century Breakdown you ask? what is that? Well gentle reader it was Green Day's latest 'effort'... And it was:

pants with a frayed waistband.
pants with a frayed waistband and brown smears.
pants with a frayed waistband, brown smears, and spluff stains with the tag hanging out.
pants with a frayed  waistband, brown smears, and someone else's spluff stains with a used tampon as a tag.

So like most of the other Rock Band titles some of the tracks will be shit.

Love and I-found-the-strikeout-function,

Richie X


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