Battalion Wars 2

In a frantic attempt to work our way through the highlights of the Wii back catalogue before the deluge of SMG2, Metroid Other M, No More Heroes 2 and other sequels further off on the horizon we picked up a copy of Battalion Wars 2 for a measly £7.99! Yes it was second hand but it was sold out first hand in my three go-to places. I will support your creativity if you fucking let me at my convenience. Sorry guys but thats commercialism for ya!
Battalion Wars 2 is very good and for us it itches the spot that has gone un-itched since the good ol' Starcraft days. You know, schoolboy football with loveable tanks and grunts and ships and stuff. Playing it also reminded us of another one of our all time favourites, Giants: Citizen Kabuto.
Play time is dwindling in the single figures and sadly progress on the campaign is already up to 20% (:() but already we're hooked, especially on the online modes which had us cursing the day various anonymooses were born. Also, on a plural personal level between LKS, Pikmin2 and BW2 we haven't RTSed so much in years. BW2 also does a good line in stereotypes-bordering-on-racism (TBH the voice acting makes the stereotyping 20 times worse) and has a fair bit 'o' genocide in it but this time, unlike LKS, the campaign started off with the Brits trying to Genocide me! Which is always nice because thats what the Brits always try to do. Try to genocide me will ya! More on this when we stay up until four am in the morning grinding for S ranks.


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