Flashpoint: Wangs in Games

Flashpoint™©® is a new communicative medium brought to you by the team behind the TTECNK, Underboob and microfanfics. Flashpoints are flashpoints of discussion on the hottest topics in video gaming today. Flashpoint one is all about the wang.


Richie!: Before we start can I just make sure we're not talking cross purposes. This is about penis right?
Cunzy1 1: Yes. This is not about all those people called Wang or with Wang as a surname. This is about the depiction of the schlong in video games.
R: I am basically for them just because, you know there will be a designer who went through 4-7 years of uni just to end up programming foreskin physics.
C: Let's hope there aren't any bugs in the foreskin.... physics. LAME
C: Lame penis rendering jokes aside I'm against wangs in games because if video games with violence in them cause people to be violent then games with wangs in them....
R: Will make people Chinese?
C: Racist and no. It'll make people dicks.
R: Or worse.
C: Gay. It will make people gay. And then the species will go extinct.
R: Proof, of sorts, if it were needed that there are issues in the game industry with maturity and sexism. Googling video game wang and you only get Lady Gaga on page 45 or so. Google video game kebab and it's upskirt shots from page 1.
C: Goddam sexists.
R: Trust.
C: Okay, I'm gonna build a man out of straw.
R: Don't forget to give him a brain.
C: Why do we need to see wangs in games?
R: Well why do we need to see breasts in games? I mean, yeah sure, be titillated but it's not like I need to be beating off the whole time. It's not like I need to be constantly sexually turned on to play Dead or Alive Extreme Thong Island.
C: There's a difference and you know it. Nobody is turned on by a penis. It looks like a graft gone wrong.
R: I was okay with it until Resident Evil 2. Now they all look like the thing that bursts out of the Brian Iron's chest.
C: Oh man. This blog used to be about Resident Evil.
R: So, final thoughts on the inaugural Flashpoint?
C: Wangs, no, 4/10
R: I'd say wangs, there's a place in my heart for them, B+

Coming up on Flashpoint™©® 2: Daddy or Chips in video games?


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