This weekend three things happened of note:

1) Field operative and semi-retired TGAM blogger Richie went to Auchinawa on the weekend. Here is his one line review "Shit. The staff were cunts. Long Story. We ended up leaving" expect a full review and photos when/if Richie returns from his hiatus.

2) My friend who has little to no interest in gaming, games or gamers had a hands on experience with the Wii at home a full week before many gamers won't be able to get theirs because they are already all sold out through preorder. He said "v.cool. Baseball is ace". He forgot to mention that he is a lucky and ungrateful bastard. How did he get his hands on one? Is it Nintendo's new marketing strategy to give Wiis to people who don't care for games? I can't say but it is sick.

3) I actually played a SpongeBob SquarePants game on the PS2. I think it was Battle for Bikini Bottom but I can't be sure. Long and short of it: It wasn't bad! Excellent multiplayer that had six 20 somethings laughing our asses off. Something about books and covers should go here.

And that was the weekend that was.


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