Turn Around

Remember back here when I said this but then I was wrong? Well, it
Hey Richie, hey cunzy, look I know you hate me but I really need a favour
happened again! Twice in one year. Maybe I should try to stay out of my
from you guys, from That Guys. I fucked up. This video project has cost me
K-Hole long enough to remember shit. Do you remember this
everything and I need your help, the fucktards that comment on my blog
from yesterday readers? Well I was wrong again.Miss Bea released the full
lap up everything I write but I know I've made a mistake this time.
thing and it's an absolutely fantastic little skit. EVERYONE should watch it. I
If you could please say one good word about it I'll owe you. Please Richie?
particularly like the guildmates, the setting, the sound and everything about it.
For old times' sake? I miss you Richie xx
Go now watch it. Don't come back all haven't-watched-it-at-all. Go now. Run you fools!
P.S If you could not tell anyone about this letter that would be great. I owe you sweeties. AN x


  1. Anonymous15:13

    Do we see Miss Bea's boobies?

  2. They are referenced but for the most part it's sirloin.

    If you squint in one section there's a hint of biff. Could just be shadow, or a cushion, or some lint, or maybe some gym shorts, or maybe an epiphysis of some kind.

  3. Anonymous00:25

    Yeah I tried to watch it, I really did, but even with that bit of thigh that you see and the glasses and stripey socks,


    Does she not know how to do the levels properly!!

    Goddamn Amatuer!!

    Sort it out love!! I REALLY don't want to adjust the volume to hear the drivvle you say just to have a load of neo-crap-arse-retro-punk-hard-bop-core shite ruin my viewing pleasure!!

    Totally put me off my stride so had to go looking through back issues of OPSM3 just to get my jollies!!

    Next time you want to make a vid, here's a tip,

    Baby oil good

  4. Anonymous14:55

    Completely off subject, but Cunzy you will like this for it is about dino's in games!

    Yes whilst playing through the female characters on DOA4 there is a dinosaur stage with Ceolopyhisis and Brachiosaur and even, yes even a T-Rex amongst the prehistoric fauna.

    Oh man, half naked jap chicks, with bouncing boobies and a N/A date of birth AND dinosaurs!

    I think Cunzy has contacts in Team Ninja catering for his every needs!

    And the watch mode is sick, like really SICK!


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