I have had a DS now for a few months now, and well its bugging me, the games are crap and the wi-fi connectivity crap is even worse. I mean I know in theory its all good, but essentially it means you need to have a bunch of like-minded friends who would genuinely go out of their way to connect up and play with you, and also very likely in a room with and Xbox 360, Wii or PS2.

Gimmicks in games gave always annoyed me, things like Donkey konga, Dance mats, light sensors, because they well, are usually crap. Recently there has a been a splurge of such gimmicks: Buzz, Guitar hero, Singstar. which have been hits, yet i feel that there is no way i would spend nearly as much time, or get as much enjoyment, with these gimmicks as I would with... oh I dunno... a massive Squenix RPG.

And thats whats getting me with the DS all these gimmicks are trying to make me socialize with the socially stunted fucktards that carry their DS's around... Fuck it I want playablity i want... I dont know what i want, but right now I'm pretty sure it is NOT a DS. Condolences to those who are getting one this Xmas, prepare to feel disappointed in about 3 months.

Now... Where does this put the Wii? which is essentially just a big Gimmick box a selection of mini-games to play with your mates. The only reason i wanted i Wii is for Zelda, so that i can swoosh the sword. And you know what thats gonna grow old after like the tenth time! But not just that, it wont only grow old, it'll get fucking annoying... If the Wii was not so cheap, it would be getting a shed load of crap reviews right now.

Bah Humbug Nintendo.


  1. How quickly you forget our cyber in Animal Crossing. Was that all it was? A gimmick? I thought it was special. I thought it was special....

  2. Umm, that was cyber-rape. you forced me onto a chair!

  3. Anonymous22:18

    Its true I saw it!

    Would you like to:

    Turnip Prices
    Watch Cunzy Snuff film

  4. Anonymous22:09

    well at least I have one.



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