That guy's guide to...

Hey, are you a gamer?

Have you somehow managed to get a girlfriend?

Xmas shopping getting you down?

If the answers to these questions are yes then look no further than here, it's:

The That Guy's a Maniac guide to buying presents for your girlfriend if you are a gamer/geeky gadget boy.


First reviewed in August this year, this is a Vibrator add-on for the iPod and features penetrative vibrator only.


This is the hottest of the products this year, we reviewed this bad boy in July, however if you check out the new website (Which also details the recent scandal apple have been having with iBuzz's marketing campaign), you will also see that there is the iBuzz2.

This latest update to the iBuzz includes not 1 but 2 attachments allowing guys to use the attachment as well as/or even at the same time as their female partners.


Fanboy#29 + Girl (real, but with 1 eye missing)
"Its like having sex but not as good"

"Where does that bit go? NO WAY! Really? Will it fit? Nah, um... I'm outta here... weirdo's"

Fanboy#207 + Fanboy/girl#3
"Its like listening to music with something touching you in that Special Place"

"What do you mean I'm using the girls bit... this feels nice... "

London tube iPodder#4217 + London tube iPodder#387
"Wow, like, it's a total sensory overload, aural and physical. It takes us to a whole new level of consciousness"

"Wait a minute, If a guy uses this thing and... well gets off to some guy singing, is that gay?"

"I know its mainly based on the beats and stuff, but what if the drummer's a guy then?"

"What if the song moves on, and then you spluff just as a new song with a guy singin/drummin comes on?"

"Ok what if I was listening to a podcast and an advert comes on for carpets, does that meant I'm gay for carpets?"

"Alright say I'm listening to the Devil may cry soundtrack, and when spluffage occurs I happened to be thinking about Dante?"

"Right so it doesn't matter what you are listening to... its just beats... oh... so its just a machine getting you off..."

"So essentially you are not gay, you are not straight, you are just an electrosexual..."


Rez and Trance Vibrator

Play the game and get-off.

Now players of Rez can go fuck themselves...

P.S. The Rez vibrator thing is like sooo old it came out in 2002, so the only chance of finding it is second hand...ewwwww

Happy Boning this Xmas, and as a little thank you to us at That Guys, make sure you get your woman/partner to call you William Birkin at least once for us...


  1. Anonymous15:30

    Thankyou 'that guy's' what would i do without you!

  2. Anonymous14:55

    I managed to get my DualShock to glitch out at one point and just thrust it onto my balls!


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