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We here at TGAM love fan fiction and we’ve even had a go ourselves. Fan fiction is a great way to flesh out some of the worlds that we know and love. Let’s face it Final Fantasy VII won’t be getting a sequel (except the film and DoC) so it’s up to the fans to carry on the story.
The wonderful world of fan fiction can be accessed
here but I’ve isolated some of the best bits right here for your reading pleasure:

Unfortunately, I didn’t write any of the following. The titles for the pieces are given but I haven’t listed the author’s names in case they want to remain anonymous.

World Of Warcraft-Kindrel
“Drakken began to thrust faster and kiss Kindrel more forcefully. His tail tightened around the both of them. Kindrel let go of Drakken’s tail and began to dig his nails into his massive arms Drakken raised his lower body up into the air making him and Kindrel arc as he felt himself climax. Then they both ejaculated.”A blood elf and a paladin going at it is a novel idea. Unfortunately I’m not one of the 1 in 3 men that can ejaculate through anal penetration. God knows I’ve tried.

Silent Hill/DMC Xover-Silent Cry
“Dante has to take Lucia to Silent Hill, she has been acting strange and Dante found out this is the only saloution [sic.]. Dante X Lucia I do not own DMC or SH”
Hello, I’m looking for a job as a Doctor in a hospital. I have no medical qualifications nd I hate operating on people.
Resident Evil-With You“Now her back arced more drastically than before as she spurged with cum. Leon took in as much of her creamy goodness as he could at a time.As Claire let out her last wave of cum, Leon climbed up her body and kissed her hard on the lips. “I Love you Claire.” Leon said genuinely, “I love you so much.” “I love you too baby…” Claire said breathlessly while attempting to kiss him back, “I love you too…” ”This is exactly what all love making is like. You know she doesn’t love you if she doesn’t spurge with cum. You know he doesn’t love you if he doesn’t take in as much creamy goodness as he could at a time.

Final Fantasy Without a shadow of a doubt the most ffictioned games series. Ever wondered what it would be like if Vincent found materia that took him into the game Halo? Cloud at Hogwarts? Almost any crossover or sexual pairing you can imagine has been done. Here is the best of the best. All these are from VII. It is currently not legal to post FFVIII fanfictions they are a whole other level of craziness.

Biological Lessons
“Meet Sephiroth, a teacher at Midgar High. Meet Cloud Strife, a stubborn hot tempered 16 year old trying to earn a reputation in high school. Mix these two together and chaos will be the result.”
OMG is this Canon or not? Because Sephiroth would definitely be more of business studies teacher than biology teacher.

Devotion“His own seed filing in that tight passage that massaged him greatly, bringing his sanity all to far away from him. Yes, Cloud made him loose his sanity, yet at the same time kept his sanity. “Oh, Vincent... I-... I-...” He couldn’t manage the words. Yet he wanted to say them dearly. Vincent smirked and moved from within his lover. Pulling the man down into the depths of sin. “Don’t leave me.” Cloud was only worried this was a one night stand, like with Sephiroth. But, fortunately, it wasn’t.”When your being done in the shit box by a semi-demon it seems everyone is confused about their sanity. Am I keeping it am I loosing it? Sephiroth is totally the one night stand kind of guy.

Candy Hearts“PreAC. Yazoo is an aspiring dancer working at an exclusive nightclub while battling a disease when he meets someone who takes his breath away. When things go downhill, can he and his brothers ride it out? Or will they need a little help from a friend?”This was a deleted scene on Final Fantasy Advent Children. It was cut from the final film because the premise of Yazoo being an aspiring dancer with a disease is really really stupid.
Cosmo Memory
“In response, Red attacked her with his tongue, making her gasp sharply as his tongue went even deeper inside her, brushing against her hymen. "Oh gawd, yes Red!" she cried out, her quivering arms giving out on her as she pushed back against his mouth. As soon as she moved, Red let out a threatening growl like she'd never heard from him before. Stunned, Yuffie stayed where she was. The girl gulped as Red licked the back of her head, a surprisingly tender action despite his bestial demeanor. "Red…" she whined hopefully. Another lick on the back of her head was the big cat's only response. Red lowered his haunches and thrust at her, sliding beneath his target. Yuffie whimpered in fear as he thrust again, this time too high. The girl hoped he wouldn't be able to get in and would give up, but cried out when his third shot hit the mark.”I honestly can’t decide what to be more shocked at. That someone felt they needed to write this or that Yuffie is a cockney. “Oh gawd, love a duck. Jog on mushta before the trouble and strife gives you peas and soup”
What with the games, tv series, films, trading cards, vibrators, comics, books, pen ends, lunchboxes and all the other merchandise you’d think there wouldn’t be much left to the imagination of fanfic writers. You would think wrong….

Elite Protection“After finding he was pregnant, Ash ran from Gary, his lover, and sought out the Elite Four of Indigo, who took him in until he was ready to give birth to his baby. But then, Gary shows up again, and Lance has just claimed Ash for his own...ShiShi mpreg”It makes sense when you read it again.
The Cursed Prince
“In a medival land with no royal heirs, Prince Ash is the only one capable of carrying children. He and Prince Gary are to be wed, but can they set aside thier differences first? Yaoi, Shishi, mpreg”Someone clearly read the one above and thought “you know what would turn this good story into a great story? Set it in medieval times”. This principle works for most things I find.
Halo-Halo: Truth or Dare
“MC and Grunt were in their lounge. "Hey, MC, how many people are coming to our party?" Grunt asked. "Only two. Cortana and the Elite." MC replied. "Holy shit! That's only two people! Invite more!" Grunt shouted. "I don't know anyone else. I'm a soldier, remember numb nuts!" "Alright, ring Cortana, and ask her to invite some friends.”Hey Master Chief I’m a fucking soldier, you go and pay the council tax now before we get a summons. Don’t forget we need toilet paper too we’re nearly out.
Zelda-First Time"JUST FUCK ME ALREADY!" she pleaded. Link laughed and kissed her sweet lips, "As you wish, my princess." And with that, he grabbed her thighs and pulled her vagina closer to his pleasure stick. The head of his 8" penis pressed hard on her verginity. Zelda's face began to look pained, but Link continued to force himself inside.”She did ask for it.

Bubble Bobble-Addiction“The dinosaur let out a terror-filled cry as all the enemies that he had blown bubbles around came toward him. The stench of decay filled the air as their rotting flesh buzzed with maggots and worms. As they lurched toward him, he frantically attempted once again to blow a bubble, but still could not. The phantasms laughed at him, a creaky, musty, and above all, dead laugh. They reached him, grabbed him, ripped him apart…”
Perhaps the greatest fan fiction of all time- inspired by real events.

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