Explanation/Londonage part 8?

Soooooo last night Richie and I had the first official That Guy's Reunion funded by all your hard-donated money.
We made the decision to play games for drinks drinking a shot every time we got beaten in Super Smash Brothers, Wario Ware Inc. or Resident Evil DS. This of course was forgetting that we suck at Super Smash Brothers when sober.

We also found an even better drink than Cockspur the unofficial inspirer of TGAM.
That's right, Mount Gay Rum. 2 pints, 2 JD + Cokes and 80% of a bottle of Mount Gay later we did this and then this and then this. At the time it was the funniest thing ever. Now it brings back memories of being quite wasted at about 7 o clock in the evening. Nevermind it's all being charged to the TGAM business account. We then watched Advent Children. I gave a brief lecture on Mo-capping which was pretty much just me saying mo-cap continuosly for ten or so minutes. Also, Richie announced that:

"Owning 12 testicles means that at least you wouldn't be taken by suprise, especially in cold situations".

And then failed to explain why or what he was talking about. We also agreed on some great new features for the site. I definitely remember agreeing on some new things. More on this if/when the brain cells come back. Have a nice weekend y'all. Part 2 tonight.....

In other news
1) We got a Wii! S'alright 7/10.
2) Resident Evil 2: Desperate Subtitle was announced for the DS! Wireless co-op! Not the weird star business
3) Also, you heard it here first, Luigi is probably going to be a playable character in the New Super Smash Brothers, we had a hands on with it and guess what? It works it works like a dream!
4) Only two of the above are true
5) Unless number 4 is false too.


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