Why you shouldn't put a video on your blog unless you are positive it isn't very dull or doesn't make you seem worse than people assume you are

Serve a justice that dwells in me
Lifeless corpse as far as the eye can see

Yes, yes seeing as there is nothing happening in the UK in terms of gaming this week it's time to go off topic.

You may remember the tenuous 'would' that is Miss Bea Havin from 1990's playstation magazine, Playstation Pro. Well we're not too sure she is Miss Bea Havin anymore.

To save you the jump Miss Bea does well to make you forget how she comes across as annoying, ""Wacky"" and needy yet frigid in writing, and just makes you think she is outright annoying. It's an important reminder to always question what you are posting. Are you posting to please the four 40 something baldies who follow your everyword despite the fact they repulse you or are you posting because you can't bring yourself to put razor to wrist as you and everyone else wants you to? In her latest video of an outake from her latest thing to do instead of topping herself, you could be blamed for thinking she is acting. However, near the end she comes out of character and you realise that she has to act to be less annoying than she is in real life. It's a shame because with a Chinook like that we could've shared some mean cow pies but I guess we'll have to go back to looking for Zangief porn for our fix of hunky men.

You can also find a lot of Miss Bea's previous videos under the Bookworm section on Booble.

WARNING NSFW! The video is that annoying that your boss may well come over and slap you in the face because they think the whiney voice they can hear is yours. Booble also sometimes has toe rings on the front page but the rest is OK.

P.S. I like how all the comments are between themselves



  1. Anonymous16:23

    THAT GUY'S IS GOING TO WAR!!! Somebody wake up the Dr there's some FLAMING that needs to get done, watch your balls Amber, watch yer balls...

  2. Props to new regular reader Fubu although you need to learn how to link buddy!
    Go here http://www.google.com/search?hl=xx-hacker&q=fubu then scroll down for about two seconds then up for half a second then click the nearest link then go to here http://www.templetons.com/brad/linkright.html read the first paragraph then click 'back' then go here http://images.google.com/images?hl=xx-hacker&q=nughty%20things&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi and click normal search.

  3. Anonymous14:54

    I love the way all the comments are between themselves

  4. Anonymous11:53

    Tif... aaawwwwww aargggghhhh

  5. Anonymous11:54

    Glass of water?


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