Second Life: The Review

Yeah so, I quit WoW and all that, and as such I have been quite wary about even considering another MMO. However everyone and their uncle has been going on about Second life and how great it is. Now I must state that I just stayed away from it and didn't pay attention to anything about it as well it's an MMO apparently. But then I found out it was free, so I downloaded it.

SO after 30Mb downloading, 60Mb installation, and registering, I found that Second life is no more than a glorified Chat Program! There is nothing to this program, admittedly you can change your avatar to an almost infinite degree, which to be honest seemed like dressing a doll, but with more slide bars. Then you go interact with a bunch of online social fuckwits, which to be honest is the bit I hate when playing online, Will Fcuk 4 Gold, ROTFLOL, ugh. And yeah that's pretty much it...

I have no fucking Idea why anyone can honestly say that a chat program like this could ever even slightly topple the success of WoW! For one...


I was distraught, I genuinely thought people were buzzing about this "Program" as it was new and different, but and I cannot stress this enough it is just a pretty chat program.

Well, I say "pretty"... It's not even that, it's glitchy, slow and unresponsive, and one of the (three) times I logged in, my character was invisible.

Ok. Ok. so I get it there are certain things that can be done in this game like creating houses and buying clothes or cybaaar, but that relies on users creating stuff, which from what I gather is not that easy and to what avail? Just to show off? "Look I made a house, come play with my balls".

Anyways so officially That guys is officially creating our Second ligfe awareness campaign:

Second life is nothing but a glorified chat program, which is not really nice enough looking.

That guys score:

0/10 - It is not a game


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