Kingdom Hearts 3!!!?!!!!!

Right so that's KH2 finished, with the secret movie unlocked, so what now? Where does it go from here? I mean they have pretty much exhausted every Disney movie plot, hell! "Pirates of the Caribbean" was pushing it anyway!
I had some thoughts...
Kingdom hearts 3: The Soaps
Sora is joined by Pat Butcher and Ken Barlow to travel the worlds, revisit old plot lines and defeat the heartless in Albert Square (Eastenders), Coronation St, Emerdale, Brookside Close, Chester (Hollyoaks). All the worlds, as it turns out, are controlled by Ultimacia the Time/Space witch from FF8. Mickey has collaborated with Edea to rid Utimacia's taint from all these worlds, expect Cloud, Leon, Yuffie, Cid, Sephiroth and the all the usual Disney characters to help out.

Kingdom hearts 3: Alien Vs PredatorSora is joined by Ripley and Predator #6 to defeat the Face Hugger Heartless. Malificent has fused with the Alien Queen spawning these "face hugger heartless", these special heartless have managed to implant their seed in the hosts of countless worlds. Only the Keyblade wielder can close these worlds, followed by the Space Corp. Marines, Androids and a Troop of specially trained Predators.

In Space no one can hear you sing along with Ariel

Kingdom hearts 3: Resident Evil
Sora is joined by Leon and Jill. Umbrella has been taken over by Organisation XIII, now instead of Just Zombies being created when someone dies from the KH-Virus, a Nobody, a Heartless and a Zombie is created. Sora will have to revisit Racoon City world, the island from Code Veronica, Wow-what-a-Mansion world, Resident Evil Movie World (Featuring Mila Johovovovoich) and La Plaga World. Vincent and Jill can finally be reunited (wnak, wnak, WNAK). Expect Wesker to turn up, or Kerxwes as he is known.

Spoiler: Nemesis may end up being a good guy

Kingdom hearts 3: Disney deja vu
Sora returns to all the previous worlds and squeezes out the last plot he can, Donald Dies.

Kingdom hearts 3: Final Fantasy
In an attempt to make all Sqenix fanboys cocks/clits explode Sora is Joined By the whole cast of Disney to help return the final fantasy worlds to the way they were (but only the last few: VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII). The heartless have become intertwined with Shin-ra, Sorceresses, Sin, and who ever the main bad guy is in XII, and now control most of the worlds. All the characters from all the games will talk to each other, some may kiss (Seifer + Tidus), all the girls will lez off in the highwind shower rooms, and Sephiroth finally kills Cloud.

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  1. Most boys play computer games with each other in their spare time. Most girls "Lez off" with each other in their spare time.

    Lezzing off involves showering together and touching each others boobies and chlamydias whilst saying things like "Mmmmm baby", "Oh, Suzi!" or "Momma wants ham". So think of all your girlfriends. If you can't see them now they are probably lezzing off in the showers.

    NB: Some girls choose to play computer games instead of lezzing off and some guys lezz off instead of playing computer games. It keeps things interesting.

  2. Anonymous17:09

    Mmmmm boobies...

  3. Anonymous21:31

    I lezz off while playing computer games, ohhhhhh yyeeeeeaaaahhhhhh.

    You want the DualShock where?

    Oh you are naughty.

    Continually fire my gun?

    You like that.

    Put the DOA2 slideshow on the other TV?

    "Deadly silence beach........etc etc"


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