Perhaps the worst Gaming Christmas list ever

Yeah thats right not one game I want this Christmas. Sure there are games I want but not one than I look forward to to buying for myself as a well earned chirstmas present to spend quality time with whilst scoffing mint matchsticks and spicy twiglets after a Christmas meal. Lets take a little looky shall we?

Dear Santa
Here is a kind of open Christmas letter. Don't worry about getting any of it though, I doubt even you could get your merry little hands on some these.

1) Xbox 360.
Still too expensive and there's no reason to buy one now that the Wii and PS3 are technically 'out' in the UK one of them might be better than gears of war or dead rising. Let's face it I'm not going to pay to go online after the free account expires anyway. I know the PS3 isn't technically out but you still won't be able to get one 1-4 months after it officially launches anyway.

2) Wii
If I could get hold of one I can honestly say I don't want to play any of the 'games' out at the moment after 1 go on each of the Wii Play and Wii sports games. Even if I didn't hate Zelda games I would wait until it becomes £30 for a Wii this time next year when Nintendo once again decide they don't want to send games to Europe anymore.

3) Playstation 3
Copy and paste as many PS3 jokes ripped from TV, the internet and magazines here.

4) Games
Hmmmm lets see shall we. Good fucking christ. Someone did drop a memo to games companies right? The whole Christmas thing sometime next week. Lots of people buying stuff. Massive consumer event. No? Ok well it'll probably be missed as much as E3. Hang on, how about the DS? I've been reading loads about how it's taking over the world. Well Frig My Daughter 3 DS games released in December. Three.

5) Dirge of Ceberus
Yep. That's it. The only thing I would like that's kind of new (you have to buy a new game at Christmas. Shit if your spunking all your hard earned money of shit presents for people you don't really like but have to buy presents for you might as well splash out) and it is unanimously acknowledged as a shit game that just happens to be set in a world I'm a bit gay for.

I'm sorry guys but I'm lost for words. If this is the big Christmas rush then I might have to get World of Warcraft to waste the rest of my life on. Maybe I'll try to do the last 1.9% of Timesplitters Future Perfect? No, no too hard. Maybe I'll go outside over Christmas? No. No too cold. I need a plan for Christmas what are you going to be doing? Suggestions in the comments guys*

*You know this means Quadbee, Robisgay, Chuff_72, Dr. Wo and possibly that lazt arse Richie. I want 100% readership participation on this one.


  1. Anonymous14:03

    Welllllll since you are allegedly spending crimbo in "The Village" how bout we meet up and go down the pub?

    Then back to mine for some GC action, that's right, I'm taking the old girl home with me so I can play 3/4 player Smugglers run with my old man and brother. OH SHIT I forgot you can ACTUALLY play 4 player games on the GC, that means some Smash Bros and, and, and... bollocks I might have to pick up some multiplayer shizz this Thrus!

  2. Anonymous15:02

    Christmas, I'm working.

    Maybe I'll play GoW although I just started Zelda on the Wii, but then I got to get through the Seafoam Islands, oh and Super Metroid needs playing, bollocks I think I might start watching all the wrestlemanias for the second time, 15 to 22 for the third/fourth time.

    Oh and Wnak.

  3. Anonymous16:11

    You'll be playing Gays of Warcraft...?? Interesting choice, glad I'm going home this Crimbo.

    Nearly forgot... Homophobe



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