Thatguys Painful and Glorious moments in Gaming.

Alright Troops!

We at Thatguys decree that this week is National Most Painful and Glorious gaming moments week. As such over the next week we shall be sharing with you some of the most heart breaking and heart warming stories from the Thatguys team.

Well actually, it's kinna coming up for 4 years of and we thought we'd do a feature, we don't do them very often. We tend to fart ideas and opinions at random, and often offer nothing more save from some rather disturbing metaphors and analogies. Though attempting to go for shock-value on the internet is as retarded as stillborn puppetry, we like to think that we still have the warmth of a fat-man's bowel movement and wit that is dryer than yer maws snatch.

Well, gentle readers, we present you a little insight into the best and worst moments in our history of gaming...

Love and hugs,

That Guy's a Maniac... X


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