Painful Moments in Gaming: Dead or Alive 4

Dead or Alive 4:
Fuck you, you cheaty, cheaty fuck!

Alpha-152 is the final boss of Dead or Alive 4, so I had played the "perfect game" i.e. I had played through to Alpha-152 with no continues (if I defeated Alpha-152 without continuing I would earn an achievement). I get to Alpha-152 and she pumps me, like seriously; Teleport, unblockable combo, teleport, throw, death. But never mind I remain calm it was only a crappy achievement, I knuckle down to do this boss yet again... and again... and again... and again... and again... and again... and again... and again... *Twitch*... and again. 

RAAAAAAAAGE! I WAS FUCKING FED UP OF GETTING MY ASS HANDED TO ME BY THE CHEAP CHEATY EXCUSE FOR A "CHALLENGE". I frantically search for something to take my anger out on, I contemplate kicking the 360. No, it's to expensive. I see a pillow, I could totally punch that, no I need to break something. Then I see my phone, the Sony Ericsson K800i. The little bastard was looking up at me, probably laughing at my numerous defeats. So I grabbed it and threw it about 3 meters against the wall!!! and then I instantly regretted it, stupid rage. As it turns out I had thrown it so that it landed face first against the wall, and with such force that it left an imprint of the out line of the phone and the keypad. The phone only required a new screen... But DoA4 NEVER got played again.

Love and Sparkly Blue Boobies,

Richie-152 X


  1. Richie, I think the universe is trying to tell you something. I mean, like 90% of these painful moments are in your life. Maybe you and videogames just need to be friends for awhile?

  2. Dr Wo22:50

    Oh yeah, I feel for you Richie, I went through that painful time also. Infuriating much? I think shes on or something.


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