Glorious Moments in Gaming: World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft.
As much as I hate to admit it, WoW makes it on this top moments in gaming, one of the best moments in gaming was downing Ragnaros for the first time.
I first joined the guild for Molten Core at level 58, as they were missing a ranged DPS, I didn't contribute much, but still, I was better than nothing... It was fun because, I was a lower level, I was a bit of a liability, as I had a bigger agro radius, and the guild were having fun with it too, using warlocks to summon me past nasty mobs, which we were just ignoring for this run. A while into this run a few folks noticed that I was set up to do fire spells, this was all very amusing to the guild, a little fire-mage in "Molten core", a place full of fire type enemies. 

Suffice it to say, very shortly after that I proceeded to get to level 60 and I was helping the raid out with my continued Fire DPS on a weekly basis. The guild had been having a go at Molten core for a few weeks by the time I joined in, we were well versed at the bosses. We would suffer the occasional wipe, but that was mainly due to losing focus, which, during a 4 hour raiding session is bound to happen. One week we powered through to Majordomo (the boss preceding Ragnaros) way more efficiently, thanks ,in part, to my wonderful ninja pull; when dousing the flame (a requirement for summoning Ragnaros) behind Golemagg I found a glitch which pulled him, the fire giant did a long run around to our position. We maybe had 30-45 seconds to get ready from the point we noticed this. But we did it, the tanks and healers all got into position and we downed this boss with minimal time-wasting. We were all on a high from this, we were not prepped, not everyone had been buffed, yet we took the bastard down. We started being more gung-ho for the rest of Molten core, and before we knew it, we had completed Majordomo. 

We moved on to Ragnaros. Within our Guild we did have a couple of members who had killed Ragnaros in other guilds, these guys were mainly there to offer advice when they could. We were all prepped, according to the popularly used Ragnaros strats and on the advice of the veterans, we went through the motions; "Too Soon, You have awakened me too soon!", "You have failed me, Executus" etc. We had several attempts, however we were really struggling with "The Sons of Flame", basically a group of 8 fire elementals that Ragnaros summons which run about draining mana and causing AoE fire Damage. After 4 or 5 undertakings of this, and each time we were losing players, who were up past their bedtime... we decided to call it. The Guild Leader insisted that the people present at that guild run were the ones to try Ragnaros the following week, our task was to make sure everyone was up to scratch with fire resist gear (At least more so), which meant doing the BRD, LBRS and UBRS dungeons, and getting the crafters to make as much Fire resist gear as possible, myself included for tailoring, which actually meant buying/farming the wizardweave patterns (Which incidentally are now useless AND can just be taught by a trainer). 

Anyways the following week, 40 people entered into Molten core, myself included, we Fucked! Shit! Up! in there. There were fire elements, packs three headed dogs, hopping imps, scaly serpent like servants, odd floating rocks which spawn loads of other floating rocks. And they all lay dead in our wake. Molten core had (once again) been doused. All that remained was Ragnaros. That huge big boss, so fearsome that even my graphics card was scared of him. We set up Tanks were in position, Healers were in position, and the Various types of DPS were in position. And the bastarding Sons of Flame killed us again! But we did do better for taking a larger percentage of life from him. The second time however, was a very different story, we were more focussed (after just having a laugh and a stroll through Molten core, then getting our asses handed to us, we knew we had to wise-up) Everything went to plan, there were no early deaths, we got lucky with the Sons a few nicely timed Frost novas, Now we were in new Territrory! we had got passed the sons, now all that was left was to burn down Ragnaros before he summoned the sons again! Nobody lost focus, the tanks were still alive, healers were holding on to till just the right minute before shouting innervate, there were not even cheers when we killed the Sons, we just kept piling on the DPS fucking this guy up, we could all see the % Ragnaros had left, we were all aware. Still guild chat remained focussed, till about 5% life left, when one guy, in a rather English accent, anounced, "We can do this!". Now we all thought it, but daren't say it, for fear of jynxing. But we ALL just started cheering! Excited we saw the last few slivers disappear from his life bar, he lost grip of his hammer it spiralled in mid-air and landed next to the "body" of what was one the Elemental Lord Ragnaros, sinking slowly into the lava from whence he came!

That was awesome, such camaraderie. 40 people working towards one goal, I cant remember the loot, I know I didn't get any of it, but still, to get anything would have purely been Icing on the cake! 


Love and Warcraft.

Richie X


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