Underwhelming: APB

So APB...

For those of you who don't know; for the past decade or something! A little company in Dundee called Realtimeworlds has been wasting its time trying to make an MMO based, essentially, on Cops and Robbers. 
It went beta a while back, and seems it may even get released this year! Do you care? Probably not, you hear MMO you automatically thing WoW, it's a reflex. As pretty as this little MMO might be, apparently they have a whole team dedicated to clothes physics, it's far from a WoW killer, especially with Cataclysm: AKA WoW2 on the horizon. 
They recently released a statement that the game may receive mixed reviews. Woah, really? you think some people will like it and others won't. What a marketing strategy, why not just say, "our game is average". Though in my experience, Developers are meant to hype their games? *glances at Molyneux* Does that mean that its worse than average? Surely not? A game that has been in development longer than your average Final Fantasy title, produced by a middling company, Pfft. 

The game is mostly running about in gangs, doing Player versus Player objectives and making your character "pretty". That is so 2000 and late!

In Conclusion, really not a WoW killer, and far from worth the time and effort the Dundonians (Dundee person) have put into it.

Cops and Robbers,

Richie X


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