Glorious Moments in Gaming: Gears of War 2

Gears of War 2:
So yeah as you may of noticed I'm a fan of Gears of War and try and play online with select friends as much as I can. With that said I am yet to claim that I am any good at the game. It's the kind of game that if you take any extensive break from it, your skills become far less sharp very quickly. I find at the moment I've not been regular enough to claim to be good, although occasionally show flashes of the old magic.
So on to the glory.
This particular match was in Execution mode on the 'River' map.
The game was tied at 4 rounds each and the final round had started.
I went off to the hut/tower to get the Torque Bow while the rest of my team picked up grenades and congregated at the Boom shot.
As it turns out we didn't get the Boomshot and with one "Boom" my entire team was taken out.
I was alone.
Alone in the hut with five Locusts hunting me down.
Almost instantly one of them came eagerly charging in, however a well timed active reload and well placed Torque Bow to the foot disposed of him.
I then switched to shotgun, as i had got lucky with the Torque at such close range.
Another came flying in, however I was ready for him and watched him disintegrate with the awesome power of a point blank range shotgun, that left three.
At this point my heart is beating wildly  and I was starting to believe.
One of them had taken up position on the opposite tower with the Torque and we began a sniping battle. As this continued i could see one of his team mates had picked up the grenades while another had picked up the mortar on the bridge, they were tooling up big time.
I fired off a Torque from behind a pillar taking out my opposition on the other tower while quickly rolling forward and hitting the Mortar on the bridge with an active.
That left one.
The drama was further heightened with the words 'Sudden death' on the screen and the 60 sec countdown began.
As I ran to the lower level charging my final Torque Bow I was met with my nemesis, who quickly covered me in grenades. With no time to aim properly I blindfired the Torque, it hit, and as we both exploded there was a brief split second of confusion as to what had happened.
Then as my heart pounded the magical words flashed up on the screen proclaiming a COG victory and my ears suddenly filled with cheers from my fallen teammates.
I was victorious and against all the odds had won the round and the match.
It was awesome.

Now this isn't a particularly unique glorious moment as it wasn't in a tournament or anything like that. However in Gears you get so caught up in mini wars that every ten minutes or so you experience a very intense range of emotions. In this instance I was lucky enough to play it just right and seize the brief glory, making up for so many other 'so close' moments of pain.



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