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Praise the Fairy

Pixelated and graceful fantastical queen You rule the of the of the bottom my garden, called the 90s Separated by time But my pixelated love for that decade’s alt Japanese pop culture, like you will never die Each year those letters “E” Climb ladders and fall slowly, “X” distancing I try to grasp at you and encapsulate you “T” Grappling back-and-forth, Anxiety heightens The bi-pedal shark The unicorn snake “R” The Amorphous yellow blob with ears All march on to threaten my clenched prize Faster as floristry agglomerations spawn shiny plant buds. *Boom* “A” Love and Deviant art really has everything, Richie X

FAST Racing League

We've always got a bit of time for a downloadable game on the console that may actually be alright. sure, juggling the games and channels on the Wii between an SD card and the hard drive can be tedious but it goes to show that if you give people the tools to make their own games, five years later there might be one or two worth playing. With all the E3 hype it might have been easy to miss generically titled FAST Racing League but we're glad we gave it a download. FAST Racing League takes 'inspiration' from N64's Pod Racer, Wipeout and we imagine that FX racing series but we were never a fan of that. There's only twelve tracks but it is blisteringly fast, hard as nails and comes with two or four player split screen multiplayer. Not bad considering that this £7 download is more fun than most racing games in recent years (Motorstorm 3, 4, 5? was awful but that may have just been the 3D experience). I will say that it is a bit soulless and when you are whizzing arou

Glorious Moments in Gaming: Syndicate Wars

Syndicate Wars was the first PlayStation game I ever owned. I had played Syndicate at a friends' house and it was with some excitement when my brother and I popped the PSX version in for the first time. Up to 4 player co-op, manga signposts, awesome soundscape (we loved Neotokyo on Timesplitters 2 because of how Syndicate it felt), bank robbing, pursuada-tronning, setting trigger wire traps, getting into a hover car and flying about, setting crowds on fire, the meaty spit when the LR rifle liquidises a person from range. That whole game was amazing* and we'd poured hours and hours into the game (occassionally accompanied by the good Dr. Wo). We played the Eurocorp Agent missions because, hey, guys in trench coats are so much cooler than the guys with the shoulder pads. Apparently, I've just discovered, there was actually a proper 'plot' according to wikipedia but I never read any of the mission briefings and still loved it. Eventually, we managed to get to the

Glorious Moments in Gaming: Gears of War 2

Gears of War 2: So yeah as you may of noticed I'm a fan of Gears of War and try and play online with select friends as much as I can. With that said I am yet to claim that I am any good at the game. It's the kind of game that if you take any extensive break from it, your skills become far less sharp very quickly. I find at the moment I've not been regular enough to claim to be good, although occasionally show flashes of the old magic. So on to the glory. This particular match was in Execution mode on the 'River' map. The game was tied at 4 rounds each and the final round had started. I went off to the hut/tower to get the Torque Bow while the rest of my team picked up grenades and congregated at the Boom shot. As it turns out we didn't get the Boomshot and with one "Boom" my entire team was taken out. I was alone. Alone in the hut with five Locusts hunting me down. Almost instantly one of them came eagerly ch

Glorious Moments in Gaming: World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft. As much as I hate to admit it, WoW makes it on this top moments in gaming, one of the best moments in gaming was downing Ragnaros for the first time. I first joined the guild for Molten Core at level 58, as they were missing a ranged DPS, I didn't contribute much, but still, I was better than nothing... It was fun because, I was a lower level, I was a bit of a liability, as I had a bigger agro radius, and the guild were having fun with it too, using warlocks to summon me past nasty mobs, which we were just ignoring for this run. A while into this run a few folks noticed that I was set up to do fire spells, this was all very amusing to the guild, a little fire-mage in "Molten core", a place full of fire type enemies.  Suffice it to say, very shortly after that I proceeded to get to level 60 and I was helping the raid out with my continued Fire DPS on a weekly basis. The guild had been having a go at Molten core for a few weeks by the time

Thatguys Glorious moments in Gaming.

Continuing from last weeks theme, Painful Moments in Gaming, we shall be moving on to the more positive side: Glorious moments in gaming. Without bragging too much, we shall try to detail some of best moments we have experienced in gaming, those moments where you punch the air in elation, where you scream and hug the person next to you, no matter their gender (you know like what the "normals" do when their team scores a goal or something).  4 years of that guys! who'd have thought it... Love Thatguys X

Thatguys Painful and Glorious moments in Gaming.

Alright Troops! We at Thatguys decree that this week is National Most Painful and Glorious gaming moments week . As such over the next week we shall be sharing with you some of the most heart breaking and heart warming stories from the Thatguys team. Well actually, it's kinna coming up for 4 years of and we thought we'd do a feature, we don't do them very often. We tend to fart ideas and opinions at random, and often offer nothing more save from some rather disturbing metaphors and analogies. Though attempting to go for shock-value on the internet is as retarded as stillborn puppetry, we like to think that we still have the warmth of a fat-man's bowel movement and wit that is dryer than yer maws snatch. Well, gentle readers, we present you a little insight into the best and worst moments in our history of gaming... Love and hugs, That Guy's a Maniac... X