FAST Racing League

We've always got a bit of time for a downloadable game on the console that may actually be alright. sure, juggling the games and channels on the Wii between an SD card and the hard drive can be tedious but it goes to show that if you give people the tools to make their own games, five years later there might be one or two worth playing. With all the E3 hype it might have been easy to miss generically titled FAST Racing League but we're glad we gave it a download. FAST Racing League takes 'inspiration' from N64's Pod Racer, Wipeout and we imagine that FX racing series but we were never a fan of that. There's only twelve tracks but it is blisteringly fast, hard as nails and comes with two or four player split screen multiplayer. Not bad considering that this £7 download is more fun than most racing games in recent years (Motorstorm 3, 4, 5? was awful but that may have just been the 3D experience). I will say that it is a bit soulless and when you are whizzing around the tracks at umpteen miles an hour it doesn't feel like there is more to the games' universe than 12 tracks stuck out in the middle of the desert/snowy mountain.

Worth a try definitely, even if the Wii is now a 'legacy' platform. Seriously. Can we not wait until the next console is out before we wind down coverage? ONM in particular (the free gifts are ace alright) seem happy to preview Wii-U games and 3DS games more than cover platforms that are, you know, really popular and actually out. Stupid games industry.


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