Fact Checking

Quote from Xbox CFO Dennis Durkin via EDGE Firstparty Xbox 360 releases "superior" to Nintendo or Sony's.
"I would ask you to go and look at some of your data, just to compare first party performance over the course of this lifecycle, because I think our first party performance in terms of quality bars and units per title this shift has been superior to our competition's"

If you click through you see he even goes on to claim sales per unit as well as quality to be reasons why Xbox 360 first party games are superior.

Well "quality" may be harder to assess but lets look at sales shall we? Here's a selection from the Nintendo Wii (all data from ever reliable wikipedia):

Wii Sports (76.76 million)
Wii Sports Resort (27.68 million)
Wii Play (27.38 million)
Mario Kart Wii (27.00 million)
Wii Fit (22.61 million)
New Super Mario Bros. Wii (21.94 million)
Wii Fit Plus (18.49 million)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (9.48 million)
Super Mario Galaxy (8.84 million)

And for Xbox 360

Kinect Adventures (10 million as pack-in game for Kinect)
Halo 3 (8.1 million)
Gears of War (5 million may include PC numbers)
Gears of War 2 (5 million)
Fable II (3.5 million approx. worldwide)
Halo: Reach (3.3 million in North America)
Halo 3: ODST (3 million)
Uno (2 million)
Forza 3 (2 million)

"Superior" is a bit of a fucking stretch I'd say. In fact I'd say it was just wrong in terms of sales. However it might be that "our competition's" only refers to Sony in which case the Xbox 360 first party games have sold much better but if I was Dennis I'd be ashamed that a bundled game that only got a 61 on ever reliable metacritic is the best selling Xbox 360 game of this lifecycle. I'd keep that shit quiet.


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