The new EDGE

EDGE has had a redesign. Here's what we think of it in an EDGE style Continue/Quit thing:

- Post Script The new 'post script' bit at the end of reviews. Before, they'd hype up a game in preview then review it for the rubbish it was the month after in reviews. Now they just do both together. I wonder how long before devs and producers stop giving these interviews if a game gets a six (gaming's 3).
- No more Kroal!? Hoo. Ray.
-Spinal For a second we thought the quote on the inside editorial staff page was gone. For a second we were wrong.
- Aspirational Reading Finally a gaming magazine its fine to read in public and look like a metro sexual wanker rather than a gaming one.
- People, Places, Things A great idea.

- Alexander the not so great Leigh Alexander has a column. We like what she's trying to do but her writing has taken a holier than thou aspect of late. That and she links to music on her blog like a music waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanker. We want the old Leigh back please.
- Randy Smith Still has his advertorial column unfortunately. I can't work out if his column in E229 is being ironic or just inane. His Tiger Style buddy Theron Jacobs is just as bad.
-Region Specific Finland. Again?
- WiiWhere? So are we pretending the Wii never existed now?
- Full Spectrum Warrior Oh wow another grim FPS shooter with a number after it. How, shall we say, creative?


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