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When we can't play games, read games or think about games in our head we find time to watch videos of games. Watching game vids is a tireless pursuit. For every fun and interesting video out there, there are hundreds of poorly edited, humourless, boring and idiotic videos. Here's what we've been watching recently.

Two Best Friends Play.
Yes games can be thought provoking, worrying, scary, addictive, intriguing and brilliant. A lot of the time though they are stupid and embarrassing. The tropes of games aren't something to be mourned though! it is where the source of fun can come from. In a world where online grimfest shooters seem to be how our community mostly interacts, Two Best Friends play reminds us of happier times of goofing around whilst playing games with your buddy on the couch. The video above is our favourite of the series but all the others are worth watching.

Fail of the Weak
We're big Halo fans here. Oh yeah, sure it's popular so lets rip into it but what makes Halo really stand out is the tools it gives it's players. It develops a relationship with the players. it lets them upload stuff and download stuff and create stuff. Alongside Bungie's commitment to "giving" halo to it's players have been Rooster Teeth. First there was Red Vs Blue, then Griff Ball and now Fails of the Weak. It's worth watching the whole series because a) Some crazy things happen and it makes you realise how robust that game engine is b) It highlights the sheer dedication of players to pore over their match replays to spot some of this crazy stuff c) The commentary makes you feel happy about games, particularly when they laugh really hard which is a nice change from the moaning and bitching that goes on a lot.

Tats and Caps
Lastly, this caught me off guard when I beat the game with Jun and I have to admit I laughed out loud.


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