To Do

We were discussing games we were playing the other day and as it transpired, neither of us had been playing games for 'fun' recently. Richie had been grinding a stupid achievement in Last Remnant and I'd been playing through Tatsunoko vs Capcom to get third and fourth costumes for characters I will never ever use.

Also, some of the most vivid memories I have of games is ridiculous repetitive nonsense.

I remember running in and out of the entrance to the Gold Saucer in Final Fantasy VII to a guy who trades one form of virtual money into another. Even worse was watching a friend dodge lightning bolts in Final Fantasy X. Capcom also brings on the pain in most of their titles, unlocking Tofu in Resident Evil 2 and getting the rocket launcher in Resident Evil. Me and my famly also spent hours and hours in the original Tomb Raider trying to get this medipack. Turns out it was 'unreachable'.

But I guess the question is, why do we do it? Are we having fun? Richie and I decided that no. No we weren't having fun. I also have issues because I like to complete a game before I play it through for fun or casually. This is my problem, my burden but it does affect how I play games. I can't play Resident Evil 4 anymore because in the back of my mind I have that niggly feeling that I haven't unlocked the hand cannon and I am thus wasting game time on Resident Evil 4 because it isn't in a productive* direction.

Recently achievements tap into this aspect of gaming too. Not all achievements are bad either. I say yay to gnomes and palaeontologists. Not so much for 2047. So tell us reader(?) why do you do it?

* We'd like to point out that the productiveness of games could be contested but also that we don't need special pleading to counter-argue citing developers who now own their own ferrari and/or millions of dollars.


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