Unlockable Soundtracks to Games

Please? As much as I'd love to buy one of the four OS CDs that were released in Japan it would be really nice if I could just get them off the disc. They are on the disc after all. Great thanks.

IN RELATED NEWS. Sound tests. WTF? I do want to listen to the theme from Orbital Ring Systems Cargo Bay, a catchy little ditty from Tatsunoko vs Capcom but I had to steal music of the internet to make it happen. I would never ever have call to listen to the 34 different grunts that Alex makes in the game but sure, that's what you can do in the gallery.

It makes no sense.


  1. Pisspants16:56

    Ahh.. remember when you could pop your PS1 disk into a CD player and get all the music from the game?? I remember listening to Tooom Raider's ambient noise when i was studying.. worked harder when i felt that there was a T-rex near by [SPOILERS SORRY]

  2. Yeah. listening to GTA disc like it was real radio.

    Always skip track one though.


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