Painful Moments in Gaming: Goldeneye.

Cast your mind back 10 years to the heady days of the Nintendo 64, and that gem: Goldeneye. I'm sure we all remember it well, it had 4 player deathmatches, on the same screen! now that is tech! So one afternoon there are 4 of us lounging about playing deathmatches, one of the modes you could get was "The man with the golden gun", where one shot was an auto kill. At that point we were playing 1 vs 1, one of the guys got the Golden Gun, retreated to a ramp where my only hope of killing him was to climb that ramp. 
Every. Single. Time. boom dead, boom dead, booooooom dead. 
Now I'm a persistent guy so I kept going at it, he had accrued a score of around 50 kills and I was getting madder and madder, redder and redder, breathing heavier and heavier through gritted teeth. Eventually at one point I had breached the perimeter where I would usually die, I got closer, scrambled with the controls out of pure excitement. then boom dead, yet again. I exploded... 

Now for those of you that don't remember the N64 joypad did not come with rumble as standard, you had to buy it as an add-on for the pad itself, annoyingly this was almost necessary for some of the titles, Zelda: OoT for instance had a metal detector-esque rumble function for finding items.

...But yeah, as I was saying, I was getting repeatedly brutally humiliated whilst an audience of my peers were watching. Sorry let me rephrase that, I say they were watching, I don't know if they could actually see me through the tears of laughter as they rolled about on the floor clutching their bellies, struggling to breathe... The score was 2 to 50-ish, I had just wasted an opportunity to turn the tide because I panicked. I let out a scream and smashed the controller on the ground, rumble pack first. The pack doesn't just break, it explodes. Bits of plastic, microchips, batteries and motors flying everywhere. Everyone went silent, I sat there deflated, looking at broken plastic shards still attached to my controller... Then everyone started laughing again, but 10x louder than before, I'm pretty sure someone started hyperventilating. Sucks to be me.

Love and Broken Rumble paks

Richie X


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