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Watching it because you don't want to Bank Holiday Monday blogging! Once again, we've been watching the Nintendo Channel so you don't have to. Can we get a "slow news week"? Now the love affair with Monster Hunter is over there's not a great deal of new or good stuff on the Nintendo channel since last week.
  • Those ace Warioware: Do it Yourself videos continue with Todd Lewis, that chap from Scribblenauts who makes a rather lovely micro game but who comes across as very very nervous under the pressure. Worth a watch and again, we hope these videos keep a coming.
  • Penta Tentacles is a colourful flow-a-like from the 'artstyle' family which looks a little bit derivative if we are honest. Still, we'll reserve judgement from when we've had our hands on it and more than likely we'll find ourselves still up at 4am in the morning collecting floaty bits.
  • There's a Dragon Quest IX trailer up, which as you can imagine looks like what you'd expect a Dragon Quest IX trailer to look like. We imagine lots of people out there will be happy about the new DQ game but we've already got metres worth of boxes of Squeenix DS RPGs to get through. We will say one thing for Squeenix though, they do bring the best out of the DS and no other company seems to be able to do those lush two screen FMV sequences to quite the same standard.
  • There's a Wiiware Dsiware download round up which had us moist with anticipation for not one but two, yes two! DS crossword games, a disco light simulator and a ferrari racing game. If we were Nintendo, we just wouldn't have bothered at all this week.
  • Rooms: The Main Building which has recieved mixed reviews due to issues over actually seeing what you are doing has a strong trailer now showing. The rather simple idea of sliding stuff around is made all the more brilliant when you introduce elements such as timed bombs, rooms filled with water and tube trains?
  • Jam with the Band: Jam Sessions has a very long video where a (popular? they say their band name but it is intelligible) boy band recording in a London studio use JWTB to record a song. So far so bleh, except they record a rather excellent little theme tune we happen to be quite keen on. I don't know if the video works as a promotional tool unless the intention was to make the game look like an-ever-so-slightly-more-approachable KORG DS that only works with four people who know what a chord is or what the notes mean......
  • If you do go and check the Nintendo channel you might as well swing by the Mii Contest Channel and die a little inside when you see the results for "the most honest person in the world" competition and the sheer creativity of the "friendly neighbour" contest.


  1. Oh god, I noticed the "most honest person in the world" thing earlier too. Really, people? Really?


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