Omastar Comics #3

One more before bedtime. Today Omastar discusses (angrily) the english on holiday in Spain

Next week on TGAM:
We do a really boring review of an old game to make ourselves sound better in the oh-so-intellectual field of writing about videogames.

Richie, the supposed co-author of the world's second greatest videogames blog in the world, That guy's a maniac thinks about doing a post. CO-AUTHOR UNCONVINCED

Nintendo make an original Wii game, exclusive right here. Apparently it is controllable.

We explore the 'PS3 online' rumour sweeping the internet. Click here for a sneak preview of the result

Counter Strike Priapism Syndrome: We get all the details on this disturbing medical condition affecting America's youth.

Until then, take care and I'll expect to see you 'all*' next week.

*Well I'm guaranteed to be here so Richie, I'm expecting to see you here is what I'm saying


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